Anti interference settings in intercom software programming

Brief Introduction

It is difficult to completely avoid interference from various same frequency, adjacent frequency, intermodulation mirror image, and strong electrical signals during the transmission process of wireless communication waves. However, we can use methods such as optimizing parameters technically and conducting preliminary environmental noise interference tests on frequency selection to minimize the impact by avoiding interference sources.

In fact, the design of wireless communication terminal walkie talkies has fully considered relevant issues and adopted many methods to avoid and reduce interference and improve communication quality, such as RF filtering, intermediate frequency filtering, wide and narrow band settings, single tone, color coding, encryption, etc. We choose appropriate software programming settings and flexibly set parameters according to user specific situations to achieve better results.

Common parameters in programming settings

A: Common anti-interference parameters for programming A analog walkie talkie

  1. In the analog walkie talkie, the bandwidth parameter can be selected as narrowband (N) to reduce the occupied bandwidth, reduce the opportunities for in-band noise interference, and increase the spacing between adjacent channel channels to prevent the opportunity for intermodulation caused by the simultaneous use of adjacent channels.
  2. Add sub tones to each channel to further reduce the occurrence of irrelevant speech interference caused by the same frequency.
  3. If the machine has encryption function, it can be turned on to prevent voice interference on the same frequency.
  4. Set appropriate noise level according to the working frequency band to prevent noise interference, as shown in the following example.

B: Common anti-interference parameters for digital intercom programming

  1. Choose an appropriate legal frequency.
  2. Add color codes or time slots to each channel to prevent time slot co frequency interference.
  3. The digital encryption function prevents irrelevant information from interfering with the same frequency.
  4. Choose an appropriate noise level to prevent noise interference and increase usage time. Please refer to the following digital walkie talkie parameters.

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