Barrett PRC-4080 SDR Tactical Radio Station

Barrett PRC-4080, an SDR tactical radio station that has undergone practical testing in over 150 countries worldwide

In the constantly evolving fields of military and security applications, communication is the key to ensuring success. Introduce Barrett PRC-4080, an advanced VHF Software Defined Radio (SDR) tactical transceiver designed to meet the needs of modern warfare and security operations.

Compact and lightweight, ready to attack anytime: The PRC-4080 takes pride in its compact and lightweight design, making it an ideal companion in dynamic and fast-paced tactical environments. Whether in motion or stationed at critical locations, its portability ensures seamless integration in various operational scenarios.

The versatility of communication: covering the VHF spectrum of 30 to 175 MHz, the PRC-4080 supports multiple modulation methods, including FM narrowband, FM broadband, DSB AM, and digital modulation. Through channel spacing options of 5KHz, 6.25KHz, 12.5KHz, and 25KHz, this transceiver provides flexibility to meet different communication needs.

Advanced signal processing and security features: Equipped with advanced digital signal processing (DSP), the PRC-4080 ensures clear and reliable communication under various complex conditions. Security is crucial, as this transceiver provides encryption levels of AES 256 and DES 56, secure message transmission, and frequency hopping, enhancing operational confidentiality.

Adaptability to various task configurations: PRC-4080 offers multiple configurations to adapt to different task profiles. The transceiver can be adjusted according to the specific needs of the task, from a 5-watt handheld suitable for mobile operations to a 50 watt base station for establishing a stable communication center.

Optional configuration:

5-watt handheld

25 watt portable

50 watt car mounted

50 watt base station

50 watt broadcasting system

Seamless integration with accessories: The inclusion of external interfaces such as smart handheld interface, GPS antenna interface, and side hot shoe interface enables the PRC-4080 to seamlessly integrate with various accessories, enhancing its functionality and adaptability on site.

Durable structure and endurance: The PRC-4080 has been designed to withstand the harshest conditions and meets MIL-STD 810H standards for impact and vibration resistance. Its IP67 rating ensures complete immersion up to 1 meter, making it resilient in harsh weather and environmental conditions.

Global reliability and interoperability: As part of the Barrett transceiver series, the PRC-4080 has been field validated in over 150 countries and on every continent worldwide. It not only meets but also exceeds the strict electromagnetic compatibility standards of MIL-STD 461, ensuring global reliability and interoperability.

Remote control and network support: With remote control capability through IP Ethernet or USB connection, PRC-4080 achieves seamless operation and programming. Its compatibility with IP networks promotes remote control, programming, and IP audio support, enhancing usability in various operational scenarios.

In summary, the Barrett PRC-4080 VHF SDR tactical transceiver is a model of advanced technology, adaptability, and reliability. Whether in fierce battles or strategic security operations, PRC-4080 enhances communication to ensure accurate and secure communication of critical information. To enhance your tactical communication capabilities, choose Barrett PRC-4080- the true on-site power multiplier.

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