Best ICOM Shortwave Radio ?

Which model of ICOM shortwave radio is the best to use ?This question is not very scientific, but it is often asked. In fact, it should be said that a radio station that meets the installation environment and performance requirements of users and has excellent cost-effectiveness is a good radio station. However, different models of radio stations may be more suitable for specific models of shortwave radio stations due to different usage environments and requirements. The suitable model is the best model.

Communication performance of a device

Short wave radio is a long-distance communication device that utilizes airborne ionospheric communication. Due to its relatively independent installation and long communication distance (over 200Km), it is more suitable for emergency communication and has been used today as a classic amplitude modulation communication method. The disadvantage is that the variation in thickness and density of the high-altitude ionosphere over time leads to unstable communication quality and uncertain usage frequency. It is more necessary to determine the working frequency, power, etc. based on the actual situation of local experiments, making this characteristic relatively high and unstable in actual communication, making it more suitable for emergency communication professionals and enthusiasts to conduct long-distance wireless communication.

Common models of ICOM shortwave radio stations

Marine shortwave radio stations have significantly improved waterproof performance compared to land radio stations, with operating frequencies generally set internationally, while amateur radio stations have an advantage in multifunctional and large screen displays. Users can flexibly choose the best cost-effective product based on their specific usage environment, performance (such as power size, frequency stability, ALE, paging and ACC output parameters), and display requirements. The following IC-F8101 and IC-F718 are more professional applications, IC-7000 is more amateur, and IC-7800 is high-end indoor applications.

Common models of ICOM shortwave radio stations include professional shortwave radio stations IC-F8101, IC-F718, and IC-F7800; Amateur multifunctional IC-7000, IC-7300, IC-F7000, and marine shortwave radio IC-M710, IC-M710RT, IC-M801E, etc. They have the same external appearance except for the working frequency band and power, and their specific parameters are related to each other. You can choose a suitable shortwave communication product according to your actual needs.

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