Can ICOM IC-2730 be powered by a cigarette lighter plug?

ICOM IC-2730E is an amateur V/U dual segment, dual display, high-power 50W vehicle radio with independent control and operation characteristics of left and right display bands on LCD screen. It is very popular with amateur in off-road and tourist fleets, and is an upgraded replacement of IC-2720 after production is stopped. The working frequency band is wide, with receiving frequencies of 118-174MHz, 375-550MHz, transmitting frequencies of 137-174MHz, 400-470MHz, and up to 1052 channels. There are multiple options within the working frequency band, including 5W, 15, and 50W. Bluetooth intercom function can also be achieved through the option board UT-133/A and VS-3 Bluetooth earphones, catering to the free and easy use environment.

Due to the high power of the radio station, high requirements are placed on the power supply, with an output voltage of 13.8V and a DC power supply of 15A or above to meet the requirements.

ICOM IC-2730E cannot be powered by a cigarette lighter plug

Mobile car mounted radio stations are generally powered by car batteries to ensure their normal operation. Car cigarette lighters are one of the auxiliary functions of automobiles, with a power output of generally 12V and a current below 12A, which is less than the required parameters of the equipment. Therefore, it is not recommended to use cigarette lighters to power the IC-2730E to prevent excessive current from burning the cigarette lighter and affecting the normal operation of the radio.

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