Explosion-proof vs ordinary walkie talkie

The difference between explosion-proof walkie talkies and ordinary walkie talkies as following:

The explosion-proof walkie talkie has been inspected and verified by the UK Explosion Proof Testing Joint Center and the UK Explosion Proof Scientific Research Consortium (FMRC), and can be applied in high-risk areas. So today, I will share with you the difference between explosion-proof walkie talkies and ordinary walkie talkies.

The explosion-proof certificate label (FM) is affixed to the bottom of the explosion-proof intercom, indicating that the explosion-proof intercom has already been certified according to the explosion-proof certificate. The explosion-proof sign will indicate the risk and natural environment level that the wireless walkie talkie can be applied to. It is necessary to include the serial number of the explosion-proof walkie talkie charging battery used in the supporting facilities, the serial number of the user manual, and its available temperature code.

Explosion proof signs are usually affixed after inspection before the product is shipped from the Motorola mobile phone factory. It is definitely prohibited to “upgrade” to explosion-proof equipment and affix explosion proof signs at other addresses

Which places must use explosion-proof walkie talkies ?

The application sites of explosion-proof walkie talkies include: production and manufacturing of natural materials or chemical products, transportation and warehousing logistics locations, chemical enterprises, cargo ship warehouses, places with many small sand particles and smoke in the air, wheat flour manufacturing plants, linen manufacturing plants, mechanical processing and manufacturing production workshops, and coal production and processing sites.

In the natural environment, in order to ensure normal operation and improve work efficiency, it is still necessary to use wireless walkie talkies as necessary communication tools. At this point, explosion-proof walkie talkies should be used.

Should attention be paid to these matters when using explosion-proof walkie talkies in high-risk natural environments?

Do not use wireless walkie talkies that have not been verified by explosion-proof testing centers in all risky atmospheres, otherwise they can easily cause explosions or fire accidents.

Even products verified by the explosion-proof testing center may suffer actual damage (such as damaged shells) and should not be used in hazardous atmospheres, otherwise it may cause explosions or fire accidents. Do not replace batteries and other accessories in hazardous natural environments. Touching sparks caused by disassembly can cause explosions or fire accidents.

Even products tested by explosion-proof testing centers in hazardous atmospheres cannot have accessory RF connectors exposed. When not using accessory RF connectors, they should be tightly covered with dust covers. There is no need to automatically disassemble and install products that have been verified by explosion-proof testing centers using all methods.

Modify the wireless intercom opportunity to modify the original design and construction of the wireless intercom hardware configuration. Only the original manufacturer of the product can achieve modification within the production and manufacturing premises that have been verified by the explosion-proof type testing center. Modifications without significant weight will render the explosion-proof certificate of the product invalid.

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