How to choose a handheld walkie talkie?

Can I play walkie talkies without a certificate? Introduction to SENHAIX SHX-GP8800 Intercom Comparison.

Many friends are still very interested in purchasing walkie talkies that are suitable for their own use. Some friends also ask questions, saying that walkie talkies purchased by their children as toys also require certification? Of course, if you use Public Radio Service, use public frequency, and transmit power is less than or equal to 0.5 W, you do not need an operation permit and license, which can be assured. However, if the amateur frequency band is used, regardless of the transmission power, the equipment needs to obtain a license, and the operator needs to obtain a certificate of operational ability, just like a driver’s license and a vehicle’s driving license. Today, let’s talk about the selection of walkie talkies and see which type of walkie talkie is suitable for us.

Firstly, handheld walkie talkies on the market are mainly divided into analog walkie talkies, digital walkie talkies (compatible with analog mode), public network (network) walkie talkies, and so on. Some of these walkie talkies are also compatible with each other or combined into one. For example, the Eurovision WV50 walkie talkie on the far right belongs to the analog+public network type, which can use traditional analog walkie talkie modes or plug-in public networks to achieve national walkie talkie.

This SENHAIX 8800 walkie talkie has been launched for several years. At that time, this machine had a very high cost-effectiveness, supporting UV dual band transceiver, aviation frequency reception, and one click frequency matching (decoding the transmitter frequency and sub tone of the other party’s walkie talkie). The functions were very comprehensive at that time, and the cost-effectiveness was also good.

This SENHAIX 8800 comes in two options: orange and black. The orange one stands out while the black one appears calm. At the same time, the machine has a TFT color LCD display screen and supports the display of Chinese menus and channel names, making it very convenient for even beginners to get started.

In addition, this walkie talkie also supports USB charging function, and the machine is equipped with a 2000mAh or 3200mAh (optional) battery. It is also convenient to charge the walkie talkie when going out, just plug in a data cable, unlike many traditional walkie talkies that also use a large charging base, which appears bulky.

This SENHAIX 8800 is a pure analog machine that supports U-band and V-band transmission, with a peak transmission power of 5 watts. It adopts integrated circuits with obvious cost advantages, higher cost-effectiveness, stable transmission, and high reception sensitivity.

The bottom is also equipped with red, blue, and white LED lights, which have various lighting and flashing modes. They can serve as lighting or rescue devices at night or in outdoor environments, making them very practical and a survival tool in the wild.

The MicroUSB interface at the bottom can be used for charging, but it is now 2023 and many batteries use Type-C interfaces for charging. Micro USB interfaces are becoming increasingly rare.

This is a small part of the machines I hold, and all of them are licensed. I have also obtained the Amateur radio operation ability level certificate (Class C), and can operate equipment with a maximum transmission power of 1000 watts (only under special circumstances).

In general, this machine is very suitable for ordinary Amateur radio radio enthusiasts to use.

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