How to using Boxchip S900A+ gateway work with zello ?

To use the Boxchip S900A+ as a gateway with Zello, you can follow these steps:

  1. Install the Zello app on you Boxchip S900A+ by downloading it from the Google Play Store.
  2. Open the Zello app and create an account if you don’t already have one.
  3. In the Zello app, go to Settings and then Channels.
  4. Click on the + icon to create a new channel.
  5. Enter a name for your channel and select the type of channel you want to create (public or private).
  6. Under “Gateway,” select “IP Gateway” and enter the IP address and port number of your Boxchip S900A+.
  7. Click “Save” to create your channel.
  8. On your Boxchip S900A+, open the Gateway app.
  9. In the Gateway app, select “Add Gateway” and enter the same IP address and port number that you used in step 6.
  10. Click “Save” to add the gateway.
  11. Now, your Boxchip S900A++ is set up as a gateway for your Zello channel. You can use your Boxchip S900A+ to transmit and receive audio from the Zello channel.

Note that to use the Boxchip S900A+ as a gateway with Zello, you’ll need to have an active internet connection on your device. Additionally, make sure that your Boxchip S900A+ and Zello app are both up to date with the latest software versions to ensure compatibility and optimal performance.

The Boxchip S900A+ is a wearable smart two-way radio that integrates LTE and radio communication functions. It runs on the Android operating system and features a 7-inch touchscreen, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, and a built-in 5-megapixel camera. This smart two-way radio enables voice and data communication over various communication networks, including LTE, 3G, WiFi, and VHF/UHF radio.

There are relatively few user reviews of this product, but some users have provided positive feedback. They praise the communication quality and connection speed of this two-way radio, particularly when using LTE networks. Users also appreciate its built-in camera and wearable design, which makes it easy to use for work or outdoor activities. Additionally, users have positive comments about its large screen and easy-to-use interface.

However, some users have questioned the battery life of this two-way radio, stating that it needs frequent charging. Additionally, some users consider the price of this two-way radio to be relatively high, making it unsuitable for everyone.

Overall, the Boxchip S900A+ is a powerful wearable smart two-way radio with multiple communication functions and an easy-to-use interface. Although its price may be a bit high and some users express concern about battery life, it may be a valuable investment for professionals who need high-speed connectivity and a wearable design.

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