ICOM ID-52E Highlights Advantages

Functional advantages

ICOM ID-52E is a fully functional new generation amateur handheld walkie talkie launched by ICOM in Japan, which not only has dual band main and secondary displays; Built in GPS to display the current position; Insert card recording; Bluetooth; Equipped with data transmission and USB charging interface, for the first time, the handheld platform has integrated a water ripple waterfall signal display function, which vividly displays the signal strength over time within the band.

By utilizing the D-STAR amateur relay system, digital individual calls, group calls, and group calls within the system can be achieved, achieving global amateur QSO connectivity.

Main features

The ICOM ID-52E has a D-STAR repeater (DR) function. The terminal mode and access mode can be used to achieve cross regional global enthusiast connectivity under the D-STAR system.

Major function

The dual display screen function can simultaneously receive and record two different bands or modes.

Built in GPS receiver for checking your current position.

The recorder records your QSO conversation, TX voice audio, and microphone voice audio.

Micro SD card slot, which can accept different cards for backup settings, various memory channels, GPS logs, etc.

USB connector for data transmission or battery charging.

Bluetooth function that can connect Bluetooth devices, such as VS-3.

The waterfall plot display of the band oscilloscope function is used to display the signal strength that changes over time.

Comparative advantage

Compared with ICOM ID-52E, it adopts a 2.3 inch color display screen (51E 1.7 inch); Added water ripple signal strength display function for the first time; Adapting to the development of the times, Bluetooth has been added to connect voice devices and data terminal devices; In DV digital mode, image display and mutual transmission functions can be achieved, which is more in line with the trend and fashion.

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