Is Digital Radios HYT G36 worth unpacking?

Once upon a time, the Hytera TD370 was my dream walkie talkie. Unfortunately, the price of this machine has always been very high. I believe that the price not only makes me, but also makes many HAM Radio Fans with limited budgets flinch. However, Hytera has not given up on the entry-level DMR digital analog integrated walkie talkie. Recently, it launched a Hytera G36 digital analog integrated walkie talkie. Of course, you can’t miss this affordable digital walkie talkie.

Like the HYT TD370, this Hytera G36 digital analog integrated walkie talkie is a single U segment device with a maximum transmission power of about 3W. It can set two transmission powers, high power and low power. The battery capacity is 2200mAh. It supports Type-C port charging. At the same time, it also has a 0.9 inch OLED display screen, which can check the working status of the machine.

At first glance, when I saw this walkie talkie, I felt it was still very compact. The front speakers of the machine accounted for a large proportion, and the actual measurement of the speaker’s external playback effect was very good. The sound was loud but not explosive, and the bass was thick and powerful.

In addition to the main unit, there is also a back clip and hanging rope inside the packaging, which is easy to carry with you after installation. In addition, a charging cable is also included when purchasing, making it convenient to charge and write frequency to the machine. The advantage of this machine is that it is easy to write frequency, and you can set the frequency for the walkie talkie using your phone’s data cable, without the need to purchase a dedicated frequency writing cable.

The radio approval code for this Hytera G36 is 2022FP18614. Everyone can verify the machine and apply for a radio license, and legally use radio equipment. The body adopts a one-piece design, and the battery is not detachable. However, the installation of the back clip is detachable and easy to disassemble. Unlike some walkie talkies, the difficulty of removing the back clip is extremely high, which is very wasteful.

The overall feel of the Hytera G36 is still good, with a great one handed feel. The antenna is not detachable and has an integrated design, making it very easy to play with.

The left side of the machine includes PTT emission buttons (Push To Talk), which increase and decrease the volume. The buttons have a crisp and sensitive feel, and the texture of large factory workmanship. There are also slots on the side, so it is not ruled out that there are seat charging accessories to choose from.

On the right side of the machine is the interface of the earphone, which has a dust plug at the interface, which can provide waterproof and dustproof effects. However, unlike the TD370, which has an IP54 waterproof and dustproof level, Hytera G36 has not found a specific waterproof and dustproof level.

The Type-C interface at the bottom can charge the walkie talkie or connect to the computer to perform frequency writing operations on the device and set the frequency parameters of the machine, which is very convenient. Moreover, Type-C data cables are now very popular, and ordinary mobile phone charging cables can charge the machine, making it more convenient for external use.

The top of the machine has a channel knob and an orange TK button. The TK button can be customized through the intercom frequency writing software. In addition to the TK button, P1, P2, and volume up and down buttons can all be customized (volume up and down can only be customized by long pressing, because short pressing is volume up and down).

The weight of the entire machine, combined with the back clip and lanyard, is only 158 grams. I believe that users who hold mobile phones weighing over 200 grams can understand how lightweight this weight is.

In general, although the price of Hytera G36 is less than $100, its functions are no different from those of DMR digital analog integrated walkie talkie above $100. It can be seen as Hytera’s compensation for the digital analog integrated walkie talkie product line at this price. If you have a demand for DMR digital walkie talkie, have a DMR digital relay locally, or want to use digital walkie to connect MMDVM raspberry pie for global communication, Then this Hytera G36 is undoubtedly the first choice of the cost-effective DMR digital interphone product.

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