New Arrival Senhaix GT-12 vs Senhaix 8800

After the Senhaix 8800, Senhex is about to launch a new analog standard walkie talkie. This handheld walkie talkie model, Senhaix GT-12, is more professional, has more functions, and has higher power compared to the 8800. It can be said that it can fully meet the daily needs of amateur radio enthusiasts.

This Senhaix GT-12 walkie talkie is a fully functional UV multi band handheld walkie talkie with many upgraded features compared to the 8800. Today, let’s experience it first.

After unpacking, the main accessories include the main unit, battery, goose tube antenna, seat charger, charger, and back clip strap. Currently, Technology Xiaowang has received the Glacier Grey color scheme, which is a semi transparent shell with frosted sand. In addition to this color scheme, there are also Volcano Black and Desert Yellow colors.

In terms of batteries and charging, a large capacity lithium battery with a capacity of 3000mAh is used. The working voltage of the walkie talkie is 7.4V, and the charging volume is relatively large. In the future, the manufacturer will optimize the battery by adding a USB-C interface for charging. It is believed that the vast majority of users will directly choose a mobile data cable to charge the battery, and the probability of charging the battery is high.

There are slots on both sides of the battery, which can be separately inserted into the charging station for charging. If users have multiple batteries, the charging station is also a good way to replenish energy.

After a simple test, the nominal battery voltage was 8.4V, and the test result was close to 8V.

This Senhaix GT-12 walkie talkie is quite slender and heavy. The slender body is also comfortable to hold, with a high-definition color screen and buttons on the front.

On the right side of the machine is the Type-C port, which eliminates the traditional K-port. This C-port supports functions such as headphones and frequency writing, but the traditional K-head frequency writing cable may not be able to be used.

For a walkie talkie with a battery, it is approximately 359g.

If the host does not come with a battery, it is approximately 219g.

The overall weight of the walkie talkie, battery, and goose tube antenna is 446.7g.

The top antenna interface, like the 8800, is an SMA male base. In terms of knobs, in addition to the volume switch knob, a channel/stepper frequency knob is added in the middle, giving a more rugged visual feel.

This Senhex GT-12 walkie talkie features a high-definition display screen, which provides a very delicate display and excellent visual effect.

The 2W speaker used in the machine has a loud and clear sound, and the buttons feel comfortable.

After a simple test using a power meter, the transmission power at high power is about 8.5 watts, slightly lower than the nominal peak power of 10 watts.

The total length of this Senhaix GT-12 walkie talkie with an antenna is about 45cm, but the advantage of the goose tube antenna is that it can be bent. If carried in a narrow area, the antenna can be bent.

Finally, let’s sort out the differences between this Senhaix GT-12 and 8800.

  1. The appearance is more rugged, with three color options available. In addition to the frosted gray transparent shell, there is also a desert gray that military fans cannot miss.
  2. Increase the peak power to 10 watts.
  3. Bluetooth not only supports Bluetooth frequency writing, but also supports Bluetooth headphones.
  4. True signaling, which can communicate with other machines.
  5. K head is cancelled and changed to USB-C port.
  6. The traditional circuit and independent aviation frequency receiving circuit have a better theoretical effect than the 8800.
  7. Add channel/step frequency knob at the top.
  8. Up to 960 channels can be stored.

Welcome to check this link: SenHaix GT-12 English Manual

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