What is the Quansheng K5 really like, is it worth buying?

Quansheng Company has launched its latest handheld intercom product: Quansheng UV-K5. Take a look at the features of this walkie talkie and evaluate its cost-effectiveness.

Although the price of this Quansheng UV-K5 is very cheap, the reason for choosing this walkie talkie is because it has too many functions. It not only has a transmission power of 5W (which is of course the basic operation of handheld walkie talkies), but also supports UV multi segment dual display, NOAA weather reception, aviation frequency reception, wireless whole machine replication (similar to computer GHOST copying), one key frequency matching (and other essential functions for pairing walkie talkies), and so on.

The packaging mainly includes the host, battery, antenna, charging base, back clip, hanging rope, and manual. It has everything that should be available and can be used at hand, and there are no other fancy things. In short, practicality is the main focus.

The battery is a 1600mAh lithium battery with a voltage of 7.2V and supports charging from the charging base. You can also use the Type-C charging port on the body to charge this battery. The capacity of this battery is not large, and if a larger capacity battery can be introduced in the future, it can improve the battery life to a certain extent. However, with the C-port charging, it is also very convenient to charge anytime and anywhere. It can be said that supporting the C-port charging also makes up for the regret of small battery capacity.

At the top, there are mainly switch volume knobs, antenna base (SMA male), LED lighting, and a signal transmission indicator light. It is worth noting that the switch volume knob is adorned with orange circles, which are more eye-catching and have a moderate sense of damping when rotating.

The left side of the Quansheng UV-K5 body mainly includes a PTT emission button, which is made of silicone material, providing a comfortable feel and crisp buttons. In addition to the PTT emission button, there are also 2 function keys with raised markings for quick blind operation. They are also made of silicone material, which has a soft and crisp feel and buttons.

On the right side of the body is the main K-head interface, which can connect the K-head earphone and frequency writing cable to set the frequency for the walkie talkie. There is a Type-C charging port below, which can be charged using a mobile phone charger.

This Quansheng UV-K5 supports 200 sets of storage channels and supports two channels to receive signals simultaneously. The reception range includes 50-76MHz reception, 76-108MHz reception (FM broadcast), 108-136MHz reception, 136-174MHz reception, 174-349.5MHz reception, 400-470MHz reception, 470-600MHz reception, and the working range covers 50-600MHz, including aviation frequency band, NOAA weather, space station signal, SSTV, FM broadcast, and rescue frequency band, and the conventional U/V band is not a problem.

Another feature of this walkie talkie is that it supports one click scanning frequency synchronization. Pressing the F function key+4 can turn on the one click frequency synchronization function. As long as there is a nearby walkie talkie transmitting, it can instantly decode the other party’s transmission frequency and transmit sub audio, and can store the frequency through the M key.

The top LED strong light flashlight function can be activated by the left side key 2, with two modes of constant light and flashing. It is very convenient for lighting in dark outdoor environments, and this is also a very practical function, especially the flashing function, which is a great tool for outdoor rescue!

Quansheng UV-K5 also supports the reception of aviation frequency. If set to aviation frequency, the machine will automatically switch to AM mode, making it convenient for aviation enthusiasts to use.

The battery of this walkie talkie is 1600mAh, and the actual experience is not a problem for a day. Even if it is frequently transmitted for a day, it is not a problem. Additionally, Type-C charging cable can be used to charge the walkie talkie. However, currently, when using a fast charging head (fast charging protocol) to charge the walkie talkie, it is found that there is no way to charge it. Therefore, a slow charging head needs to be used to charge the walkie talkie. When charging, the signal transmission indicator light next to the antenna will light up in blue, Indicates the state of being charged.

Overall, the functions of thisQuansheng UV-K5 walkie talkie are very balanced and comprehensive. After a brief experience and contact, it feels that its cost-effectiveness is quite high. The dot matrix screen display is very clear, and various functions can be observed intuitively. Using this screen can effectively reduce costs. Of course, if you like the color screen, you may need to pay a higher price to purchase, After all, the lowest price for Chinese color screen walkie talkies with similar functions to Quansheng UV-K5 on the market is close to 300 yuan. With so much money saved, one can almost buy another Quansheng UV-K5. Finally, let’s summarize the advantages and disadvantages of this walkie talkie. The advantages are comprehensive functionality, high cost-effectiveness, and all the necessary configurations. It is a very distinctive walkie talkie; I think the shortcomings are the battery and screen. Of course, this is also to control costs. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to buy such a walkie talkie for over a hundred yuan, and the dot matrix screen display content is also very comprehensive. The 1600mAh battery with Type-C charging also makes up for the capacity shortage. In short, there is no end to the machine, and what is suitable for oneself is the best. It is also reminded that when using amateur radio equipment, one needs to obtain an operation certificate and obtain a radio license in order to legally play radio.

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