Mini QRP Radio Automatic ATU15 Antenna Tuner


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1.8 – 30MHz Mini QRP Radio Automatic ATU15 Antenna Tuner by n7ddc 1.4 Version with LED Light Indicator


The ATU15 Antenna tuner is housed in a stable mini metal housing (100x71x25mm) with front and rear panels acting as PCBs in the same way as the main printed circuit board.

The front panel has a control button, two led indicators, a small 0.91-inch OLED 128*32 display and a USB Type C port for charging the tuner’s built-in battery and connecting to a computer to change the firmware. The left LED indicates the battery charging process and the right LED indicates the operation. In operational mode, it flashes briefly every three seconds, depending on the battery charge level.

Input power: Minimum 1W, Maximum 15W


Power supply working voltage: 5V DC (type C)

Maximum operating current: 12 mA

Maximum operating power: 10 watts

Maximum measurable power: 15 watts

Minimum tuning power: 1 watts

Minimum measurable power: 0.1 watts

Power measurement step: 0.1 Watt

Power measurement accuracy: 10%

Maximum tuning inductance: 18.37 µH

Minimum tuning inductance: 0.1 μH

Maximum tuning capacitance: 4079 pF

Minimum tuning capacitance: 22 pF

Tuning frequency range: 1.8 ~ 30MHz (can be extended to: 1.8-50MHz or higher)

Control protocol: Icom protocol

Equipment size: L*W*H:100*75*26 mm

Equipment weight: 0.3kg

Display screen: 0.91″ OLED 128*32

Charging voltage: 5V DC (Type C)

Built-in battery: 2xLi-Ion 14500 (3.7V/ 850 mAh)

RF interface: BNC

Current consumption: 12 mA in active mode, 170 μA in sleep mode, 37 μA in shutdown state

Package List:

1 x ATU15 Antenna Tuner

1 x Type-c Cable

More details:

Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 300 × 300 × 60 cm


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