V1 V2 Version Baofeng UV-999 Pro Max 10W Long Range 999CH Dual Band FM Two Way Radio UV13 Walkie Talkie

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V1 V2 Version Baofeng UV-999 Pro Max 10W Long Range 999CH Dual Band FM Two Way Radio UV13 Walkie Talkie


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Baofeng UV-999 PRO Max Walkie Talkie Profesional Tri-Power True 10W  High Power 999 Channel Dual Band UHF VHF Radios Transmitter Type-c Fast Charger Upgrade of UV-13 UV-5R UV-10R Two Way Radio Long Range


Use programming CD programming guests please use P15UV or UV999 program to edit, those who buy successful guests can find free of charge to get UV999 programming software (sent by email)

★Upgrade from Baofeng UV-5R

999 Memory Channel; CTCSS/DCS; VOX Mode for Hands-Free; A/B band independent operation; Dual band; dual display; dual standby Auto Keypad Lock.

★1.44 inch HD LCD 

Large double display digital screen;High definition toughened film design;

★USB Type-C Charging

USB charging is a trend for mobile devices as it has low requirements for power sources and
places. The UV-999 ProM is USB Type-C rechargeable, for which you can easily charge it like a phone in your car, with a power bank or laptop. Portable for your go-kit.

★Dual Watch & Sync Switchable

For users who only want to monitor one channel but would like to see both the channel name and frequency information on the display, the Sync function will be very helpful.

★UHF VHF Scanner + 3 Scanning Modes

Channel Scanning: Scan through your preset scanning list.

Frequency Range Scanning: Set a frequency range in the menu and it will scan precisely within that range, even only 1MHz apart.

CTCSS/DCS Tone Scanning: Scan all CTCSS/DCS tones of the current frequency.

★PC & Manual Programmable

Apart from programming the radio via computer software, users can also use the keypad to program most settings in the menu, for example, adding/deleting a memory channel, adding/removing a channel from the scanning list, adjusting VOX/squelch/power save levels, etc.


1) IPX4 life waterproof (Splash waterproof protection).

2) 1.44 inch LCD display screen.

3) 10W/5W/1W high power

4) Up to 999 memory channels.

5) DTMF coding.

6) U/V full band transceiver.

7) Quick menu operation mode.

8) Computer program.

9) Wired copy function.

10) Emergency alarm call function.

11) Wide / narrow band selection.

Package include:

1 X Portable radio

1 X Antenna

1 X Li-ion battery pack

1 X Type-C USB Charger

1 X Belt clip

1 X The Sling

1 X User’s manual

(And other accessory depend on your choice in the link)

Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 300 × 300 × 100 cm

V1 Black Basic, V2 Army Green 1, V2 Army Green 2, V2 Army Green 3, V2 Army Green 4, V2 Army Green 5, V2 Army Green all, V2 Black 1, V2 Black 2, V2 Black 3, V2 Black 4, V2 Black 5, V2 Black all, V2 Dark Purple 1, V2 Dark Purple 2, V2 Dark Purple 3, V2 Dark Purple 4, V2 Dark Purple 5, V2 Dark Purple all, V2 Orange 1, V2 Orange 2, V2 Orange 3, V2 Orange 4, V2 Orange 5, V2 Orange all, V2 Shiny Green 1, V2 Shiny Green 2, V2 Shiny Green 3, V2 Shiny Green 4, V2 Shiny Green 5, V2 Shiny Green all


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