HAMGEEK PMR-171 100KHz-2GHz 20W Military Radio SDR Transceiver VHF UHF HF CW AM SW Mobile Radio


HAMGEEK PMR-171 100KHz-2GHz 20W Military Radio SDR Transceiver VHF UHF HF CW AM SW Mobile Radio


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HAMGEEK PMR-171 100KHz-2GHz 20W Military Radio SDR Transceiver VHF UHF HF CW AM SW Mobile Radio

PMR-171 is an ultra-portable and all-band (100kHz to 2GHz) / all-mode (FT8, USB, LSB, CW, AM, FM, RTTY, DMR (optional) and WFM (receive only), etc.) SDR radio. It is designed, manufactured, and sold by Hamgeek. With its dual VFO modes, it supports split-frequency operation, intermediate frequency offset adjustment, fine tuning, noise suppression, AGC speed selections, RF gain and squelch controls, integral pre-attenuator processing, integrated AM/FM broadcast receivers, automatic sleep and transmit-time-out timers, CAT and configuration cloning capabilities; the PMR-171 is truly a next generation field and QRP solution.

The PMR-171 leverages an externally attached modular 5AH battery-carrier designed to bean ideal complement for fully self-contained field radio deployments. This is especially true when the modular battery carrier is augmented with dual battery backup and the radio’s native ultra-low power consumption architecture to significantly extend battery-powered operation times. To serve the varied interest of modern amateur radio operators, the Hamgeek PMR-171 also offers a standardized external 9VDC-18VDC power input (with reverse connection protection), allowing it to be equally at home in fixed-station and vehicle/mobile deployment scenarios.

To provide an optimized operational experience in a multitude of environments, the visual interface of the PMR-171 is designed around a high-resolution LCD display, with adjustable backlight brightness. This, combined with the user-selectable brightness level of the keypad, allows for clear and easy readability, even under the glare of mid-day outdoor conditions.

Designed as a modern multi-function SDR platform, the Hamgeek PMR-171 supports the QRadioBLE mobile app (amongst others), allowing for wireless control of the radio via Bluetooth and transforming operation and control into a convenient and fast app-based experience that very effectively eliminates problems related to wired common-mode interference. When direct wired connections are desired, the integrated internal sound card and serial control interface can still be accessed via a single USB cable, allowing for the support of a wide range of standard amateur radio software on a wide array of host computing platforms.

The PMR-171 has many advanced features typically available only in large base-station radios; dual VFO mode, split frequency operation, intermediate frequency offset adjustment, receiving frequency fine-tuning, intermediate frequency noise suppression, AGC speed selection, RF gain adjustment, squelch control, pre-attenuator, AM/FM broadcast reception, built-in CW automatic keying, automatic key point ratio adjustment, built-in CTCSS analog subtone, automatic sleep function and transmission timeout function (TOT) timers; computer-aided control functions, and data cloning options, amongst many other features, reinforce this concept.

The Hamgeek PMR-171, along with its assortment of optional add-on modules (Compass, DMR & GPS) are meant to bring joy to your QRP and Field-Radio operation.

– HF+50M+70M+140M+430M: Hamgeek PMR-171 can replace G90S/X6100/IC705/FT817
– Real-time spectrum display
– Waterfall display
– Doppler frequency tracking
– Software-Defined Radio (SDR) all-band/all-mode: FT8, USB, LSB, CW, RTTY, AM, FM, DMR (optional) and WFM(receive only)

– Dual frequency conversion circuit structure
– Intermediate Frequency (IF) width and IF displacement hardware and software can be modified to provide powerful lF interference suppression
– Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and Digital Noise Reduction (DNR)
– Built-in 4m to 160m high-speed automatic antenna tuner (ATU)
– Built-in programmable and electronic automatic CW keyer
– Built-in sound card, CAT control and IQ logic
– External battery compartment
– USB TYPE-C (3.1) interface
– High-precision TXCO ±0.5ppm (-10℃ to 60℃)
– Ultra-wide working input voltage range: 9VDC to 18VDC (some TX levels limited by input voltage)
– Power supply with reverse connection protection
– Built-in GPS/BeiDou, electronic compass and accelerometer (acceleration and angle sensor) (optional GPS module required)
– GPS timing (optional GPS module required)
– RTC clock set capability
– Voltage monitoring/display
– Ultra-lightweight: ≤2kg/4.4lb
– Bluetooth wireless control (viable for Bluetooth FT8)

– Emergency Communications
– Remote Spectrum Monitoring/Detection
– Radio Direction Finding
– Amateur Radio

Package Included:
– 1 x HAMGEEK PMR-171 SW radio
– 1 x Lithium battery
– 1 x Handheld microphone
– 1 x Single-head power supply
– 1 x Dual-head power supply
– 1 x USB disk
– 1 x USB cable


– GPS Module

– Compass

– DMR Module

– If you need one more battery, please contact customer service and pay 125USD for the battery.
– Other items pictured are not included, for demonstration purposes only. Thank you for your understanding!

Optional accessories (contact customer service for quotation):
– VHF UHF antenna, tactical headphones, tactical handle, tactical helmet, tactical PTT, tactical bone conduction headset, backpack and battery.

Weight 1.8 kg
Dimensions 500 × 500 × 150 cm


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