Waterproof ICOM IC-M304 VHF Marine Transceiver ICOM M304 Marine Shipboard Radios Station


Waterproof ICOM IC-M304 VHF Marine Transceiver ICOM M304 Marine Shipboard Radios Station


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ICOM IC-M304 Car Ship Waterproof Walkie Talkie 25W VHF Marine Shipboard Radios Station ICOM M304 Shipborne Car Two Way Radio 50KM

Waterproof grade JIS-7, no water entering for 1 meter and 30 minutes under water;
Large font display on the screen, adjustable 4-level backlight;
Channel collection function, which can quickly select common channels;
Automatic water removal function: send out vibration sound, which can shake out the accumulated

 water on the horn grid and make the received sound clearer;
Dual-frequency/triple-frequency duty function;
No DSC function;
Made in Japan with quality assurance.
Transmission frequency (MHz MHz) 156.025~157.425
Receiving frequency (MHz MHz) 156.050~163.275
Transmit power 25/1w
The working voltage is 11.7 ~ 15.9 V DC
Operating temperature-20℃ to +60℃
Dimensions: length x width x depth (mm) 153 * 67 * 133
The weight is 825g
Waterproof level 7
Maximum power consumption is 5.5A
Sensitivity (at 20dB SNR) 0.22μ v (at 12db SNR)
Intermodulation interference suppression 70dB
Audio output power 4.5W
None at DSC level
Optional remote microphone none
Optional Audio Scrambler None
There is no loudspeaker connected
Automatic fog number none
NMEA input/output only NMEA input
Automatic water removal of horn includes

Standard configuration:

A host computer  x 1

An antenna x 1

a clip, a power cord x 1

a microphone x 1

a feeder and a screw  x 1

Frequency range



156.025–157.425 MHz

156.050–163.275 MHzUsable channelsUSA, CAN, INT, WX channelsType of emission16K0G3E, 16K0G2BPower supply13.8V DC ±15%Current drain (at 13.8V DC)
Rx5.5A (at 25W output)
1.5A (at AF max.)Operating temperature range

–20°C to +60°C;

–4°F to +140°F

Antenna impedance :50Ω (SO-239)Dimensions (W×H×D,
projections not included)

153×67×133mm ;

6132×258×514 in.

Weight (approx.)825g; 1.8lbNMEA formats

NMEA version 2.0 or 3.01



Output power 25W or 1W (at 13.8V DC)
Modulation system Variable reactance frequency modulation
Max. freq. deviation ±5 kHz
Frequency error ±10ppm
Spurious emissions Less than –70dBc (at 25W)
Adj. channel power More than 70dB
Audio harmonic distortion Less than 10% (at 60% dev.)
Residual modulation More than 40dB
Intermediate freq. 1st 21.7 MHz, 2nd 450 kHz
Sensitivity 0.22μV typical at 12dB SINAD
Squelch sensitivity Less than 0.22μV
Adj. Ch. selectivity More than 70dB
Spurious response More than 70dB
Intermodulation More than 70dB
Hum and noise More than 40dB
Audio output power 4.5W typical at 10% distortion with a 4Ω load

Measurements made in accordance with TIA/EIA 603. All stated specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation.

Color versions

  • Black
  • Super white
  • Gray

Supplied accessories

  • Hand microphone
  • DC power cable
  • Mounting bracket kit



Rear Panel Connections

Rear Panel Connections

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 500 × 400 × 60 cm


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