ICOM R6 Receiver Radio ICOM IC-R6 SPORT Communication Receiver Broadband AM FM


ICOM R6 Receiver Radio ICOM IC-R6 SPORT Communication Receiver Broadband AM FM


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ICOM IC-R6 Handheld Receiver Radio Broadband AM/FM Receiver Radio 0.1-1309MHz

ICOM IC-R6 SPORT Communications Receivers

ICOM IC-R6 SPORT Communications Receivers have an ultra-wideband frequency range, covering from 100 kilohertz to 1,309.995 Megahertz. Even so, they provide superior sensitivity and selectivity characteristics that resist interference. A wide variety of utility and government communications, amateur radio stations, AM, FM, and short wave broadcast stations can be monitored with these receivers. A valuable feature, the Voice Squelch Control, opens the squelch only when a modulated signal is detected. It’s a handy feature for listeners scanning for news, talk, and music–not data bursts or beacons.

The IC-R6 SPORT has 100 channels per second of high-speed scan capability when in VFO mode. This superior scanning power provides efficiency when searching over 1,309 MHz of spectrum! With 1,300 alphanumeric memory channels, 50 scan edges, 200 auto-write memories, and 22 memory banks, ICOM IC-R6 SPORT Communications Receivers give you unparalleled scanning flexibility!

The IC-R6 SPORT is very energy-efficient! Power is supplied by two standard AA alkaline batteries. You may also operate the IC-R6 SPORT utilizing the optional DC car cord. Or use optional rechargeable NiMH cells with the wall charger and perhaps the convenient drop-in stand. The power choices are all yours!

Additional features include:

* Built-in audio low-pass filter
* Plus/minus 1.0ppm high-frequency stability at 25 degrees C
* Ferrite bar antenna for AM broadcast
* 150 mW loud audio with internal speaker
* DTCS and CTCSS tone squelch and reverse tone squelch
* Priority watch function with priority beep function
* Optional CT-17, CI-V level converter for receiver remote control
* PC-programmable with optional CS-R6 software
* Receiver-to-receiver cloning with optional OPC-474 cloning cable
* Auto power OFF-selectable 0.5-2 hours and end of busy signal
* Compact, drip-resistant construction
* Duplex operation monitoring
* Automatic LCD backlight
* Dial speed acceleration
* Built-in RF attenuator
* Auto memory-write scan stores the detected frequency, mode, and tone into a specified memory
* Reversible up/down buttons and dial knob for volume, frequency, memory channel, scan direction, and set mode settings
* Weather channel receive with WEATHER ALERT on the USA version only
* Cellular coverage is BLOCKED in the USA version

Supplied accessories:

* Antenna
* Belt clip
* Hand strap

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Dimensions 300 × 100 cm


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