ICOM ID-51A PLUS2 Dual Band Transceiver


ICOM ID-51A PLUS2 Dual Band Transceiver


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ICOM ID-51A PLUS2 dual-segment GPS waterproof digital high-power outdoor walkie-talkie

Small size and light weight The ID-51E measures 58×105.4×26.4mm and weighs only 255g including the battery antenna. Such a small machine integrates powerful features such as 5W output power, VHF/UHF dual segment, D-STAR and built-in GPS receiver. V/V, U/U, V/U dual frequency dual display, can realize VHF/VHF, UHF/UHF and VHF/UHF dual frequency monitoring at the same time, the volume and squelch of the two frequency bands can be set independently.

DV/DV, AM/AM, FM-N/FM-N and DV/FM-N modes do not work. D-STAR DV Mode (Digital Voice + Data) D-STAR (Digital Smart Technology for Amateur Radio) DV Mode is an advanced digital signal for amateur radio. DR (D-STAR Repeater) Mode Operation DR mode easily turns on the D-STAR Repeater in just two simple steps. Auto Repeater List Function The ID-51E stores pre-programmed D-STAR repeater information. With GPS location information, the automatic repeater list function displays nearby D-STAR repeaters.

A standalone AM/FM receiver can listen to FM and AM radio while waiting on the amateur band, and the radio is automatically muted when a HAM call is received. Voice memory function * Call recording function, which can record the content of two-way calls. Voice recording feature records offline conversations. The recorded voice messages can be transmitted repeatedly. A microSD card is required. microSD card When using a microSD card (up to 32GB), includes recording, DV auto-reply messages, TX voice messages, contact logs, reception history logs, GPS log data, memory channels, D-STAR repeater information, and other personal information settings Can be stored to a microSD card and loaded into the ID-51E.

Voice function, voice function can broadcast received call sign (DV mode), working frequency and other user-set information. Built-in GPS receiver The built-in GPS receiver starts up quickly and provides accurate positioning. It can display your current position and altitude on the screen, and implements a position reporting function (D-PRS) in DV mode. In addition, GPS-A mode makes D-PRS operation simple.

Auto Reply Feature (DV Mode) When receiving a call, the ID-51E can automatically reply with its own location information, which immediately appears on the caller’s screen.

GPS log function *The GPS log function records your location information periodically (can be set from 1 second to 60 seconds), stores it in a microSD card and outputs it to a computer. * A microSD card is required. IPX7 waterproof structure ID-51E has excellent IPX7 (underwater depth of one meter up to 30 minutes) waterproof performance, can be used with confidence in harsh outdoor environments. Hierarchical menu user interface Arrow keys and quick menu buttons give you quick and easy access to various settings and operations.

The large full-dot-matrix display clearly displays a large amount of information. 5W output power The ID-51E adopts a high-efficiency power amplifier. Although it is small in size, the RF output power can reach 5W. The standard BP-271 battery pack can achieve 4.5 hours of runtime, and the optional high-capacity battery BP-272 can achieve 7.5 hours of runtime. * The above operating time is in DV mode, the standard 1:1:8 cycle period, and the power saving mode is turned on. Quick Charge The BP-271 battery pack can be fully charged in about 3 hours by plugging a standard wall charger directly into the machine and powering off. CS-51 cloning software ID-51E can set parameters on the computer through the CS-51 cloning software that comes with the machine. Other Features 1304 memory channels including 700 D-STAR repeater channels Analog FM mode CTCSS/DTCS squelch 1750Hz audio signal 16 DTMF memory channels (24-bit) -V level shift squelch open function External power jack FM Radio Headphone Antenna LCD and Keypad Backlight

Technical Specifications Frequency Range:
Transmit 144 – 146, 430 – 440 MHz
Reception (A) 144 – 146, 430440MHz (B) 144 -146, 430440MHz Broadcast 0.52-1.71, 76.0-108.0 MHz
Number of channels: 1304
Transmit power: 5W
Dimensions: 58(W) x 105.4(H) x 26.4(D) mm
Weight: 255g (approx.)
Standard configuration host, battery (BP-271), charger (BC-167SD), antenna, back clip (MB-127), rope, CS-51 software CD, manual.

To clarify:
1. Standard: Not Spread Spectrum Frequency Range:
Transmit: 144146, 430440 MHz Receive: (A) 144146, 430440 MHz (B) 144 – 146, 430440 MHz Broadcast: 0.52-1.71, 76.0-108.0 MHz

2. Spread spectrum: Frequency range of spread spectrum machine:
Transmit: 137174, 400479 MHz Receive: (A) 137174, 380479 MHz (B) 108 – 136.995 (AM), 137174, 380479 MHz Broadcast: 0.52-1.71, 76.0-108.0 MHz

Note: 1. The guaranteed range of the indicator is the amateur frequency band. 2. Spread spectrum is hardware spread spectrum. The machine needs to be turned on. There will be slight marks on the screws and antenna base. Spread spectrum is not recommended for amateur band users only.

Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 300 × 400 × 100 cm


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