Kenwood TM-241 Power Cable Cord for ICOM IC-F2610 Yaesu FT-1802M FT-1807M FT-7800R


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T Type DC Power Cable Cord for Kenwood TM-241 TM261 ICOM IC-F2610 Yaesu FT-1802M FT-1807M FT-7800R Mobile Radio

This item is a power cable with inline fuse and terminals for mobile radio installations. This cable has become a “standard” with most Kenwood Mobile. It is also compatible with some ICOM YAESU mobile radio.

·  Double Fuse Protection
·  Max Power: 13.8V
·  DC Current: Max 20A
·  Power: 25W (Up to 60W replacing fuse)
·  Length: 3M
·  Weight: 0.2kg

Compatible Radio Models:

for Kenwood: TM-201B, TM-261A, TM-271,TM-461/471, TM-401B,TM-742A, TM-2530A, TM-2550A, TM-2550E,TM-2570A, TM-D700A,TM-G707A, TM-V7A, TR-751A, TR-751E, TM-231,TM-241 TM-731,TM-732 TM-733 TM-741 TM-V7 TM-G707 TM-D700

for ICOM: IC-F1610,IC-F2610,IC-F1010, IC-F2010,IC-F110S, IC-F210S,IC-F111S, IC-F211S, IC-F510,IC-F610, IC-F620TR, IC-F621TR, IC-FR3000, IC-FR4000

for YAESU: FT-1802M,FT-1807M,FT-7800R,FT-8800R, FT-1802,FT-1807,FT-8800

Package Includes:
1 X Power Cable for Mobile Radio

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 100 × 250 × 60 cm


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