Kirisun DM588 Digital Mobile Base Radio


Kirisun DM588 Digital Mobile Base Radio


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Kirisun DM588 Digital Mobile Base Radio Digital Car Walkie Talkie for 20km Long Range 25W DMR GMRS Mobile Radio 200 mile


kirisun dm588 mobile radio is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a high-quality radio that is both versatile and functional. with its support for digital and analog modes, bluetooth and sms functions, and other advanced features, the dm588 is a reliable communication tool that can be used in various settings. whether it’s outdoor activities, construction sites, or emergency situations, the kirisun dm588 radio is the perfect solution for seamless communication.
kirisun dm588 is dmr digital-analog dual-use radio. this means that users can switch between digital and analog modes at any time, depending on their preference and the type of communication required. the radio can also operate in both vhf and uhf frequency bands, making it suitable for use in a wide range of applications.
another noteworthy feature of the kirisun dm588 is its support for bluetooth and sms functions. users can connect their mobile devices to the radio via bluetooth and use it to send and receive messages or make and receive calls. additionally, the radio’s sms function allows for more discreet communication by sending text messages that can be quickly read and responded to.
the kirisun dm588 is also designed to offer excellent audio quality and clarity. thanks to its built-in noise reduction function, users can enjoy crystal clear communications even in noisy environments. the radio also includes advanced features like voice encryption, channel scanning, and priority scanning.
for those who are interested in purchasing a kirisun dm588 radio, there are several options available. the kirisun dm588 radio for sale comes in different packages, including a complete set that includes all necessary accessories like a microphone, power cord, antenna, and user manual. users can also purchase the radio separately and add necessary accessories as needed.


★Support single call, group call, broadcast call, call reminder, missed call and other modes;
★Support a variety of advanced signaling, including DTMF, 5-TONE and 2-TONE,
MDC is well compatible with existing analog systems, ensuring a seamless digital-to-analog transition.
★Support a variety of data services and optional functions, such as roaming, forced insertion, virtual cluster
(V2.0 version), Bluetooth (V3.0 support), etc.;
★Support higher level encryption capability (version V2.0);
★Support SMS function with maximum 300 characters;
★Support built-in Bluetooth (optional) (V3.0 version);


General parameters
Communication system/frequency band 136 – 174MHz ,400- 470MHz
Operating temperature -30°C ~ +60°C
storage temperature: -40°C ~+85°C
Operating Voltage DC8-36V (typical value DC12.5V), in line with ISO7637 standard
Dimensions (H*W*D): 43.4mm*152.6mm*50.7mm
Weight (without sky cable) 1.15kg
display screen 160*128 pixels, color display
launch part
transmit power 10W/25W
frequency stability ±0.1ppm
audio distortion 5% (typ.
receiving part
frequency stability ±0.1 ppm
Receiver sensitivity (2G)BER<0.001 when lor = 1uV/-106.7dBm (3G)BER<0.001 when ior = 1uV/-106.7dBm (4G)BER<0.001 when ior = 1uV/-106.7dBm
audio power 2w
audio distortion 5% (typ.

Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 500 × 400 × 200 cm


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