Kydera DM-760 DMR Digital Radio 400-480MHz UHF Portable Ham Transceiver 2000mAh 5W Compatible With Motorola


Kydera DM-760 DMR Digital Radio 400-480MHz UHF Portable Ham Transceiver 2000mAh 5W Compatible With Motorola


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Kydera DM-760 DMR Digital Radio 400-480MHz UHF Two Way Radio Walkie Talkie Ham Transceiver 2000mAh 5W Compatible With Motorola


DIGITAL MODE RADIO: Kydera DM-760 is a walkie talkie with two working modes, digital and analog. As a DMR applying DVIS-AMBE+2? vocoder, with time slot I & II, it is 100% compatible with Motorola’s digital two way radios. DMR features a clearer vocie and SMS function, also with 16-bit digital voice encryption, private/group/generall call, remote detection, emergency alarm, remote kill / revivie, etc. As a analog radio, it is with CTCSS/DCS, narrow/wide band, 2 tone/5 tone.

UHF & 512 CHANNELS: Kydera DM-760 supprts UHF frequency (400-480MHZ), it’s the best option when you intend to use it inside city limits where you are surrounded by a lot of tall buildings and your signals are expected to pass through multiple walls. Besides, you can store 512 personal channel ( 256 for analog & digital respectively) by programming. With scrambler function, other machine can receive your signals, but can not hear clearly what you say (with anti-frequency monitor).

2.3” COLORFUL TFT DISPLAY: Kydera DM-760 is equipped with a big colorful TFT high definition display screen, providing vivid color display, visual icons, and user-friendly menu operation, making operation easier and agiler.

2000mAh BATTERY: As a professional two way radio, Kydera DM-760 is with 2000mAh battery, thus with the unique power saving techenology its working time is up to 15 HOURS in analog mode and 20 HOURS in digital mode.

HIGH LOW POWER: 5W/2W, 4.5W/1W high low power selectable, fits different using situations. Applying unique battery saving plan technology, with a 2000mAh really large capacity battery, Kydera DM-760 can easily meet your daily requirements when doing a whole day activity!


Other Highlights:

  • Call Log to check records for incoming, outgoing and missed calls
  • Maximum output audio to be 1000mW
  • DMR radio can obtain double calling capacity by means of TDMA technology
  • Integrated voice and data, improce the work efficiency, support multiple applications
  • Define side keys
  • Use digital vocoder AMBE++ to ensure excellent audio quality



  • Frequency Range: UHF: 400-480MHZ
  • Channel Zone: 16
  • Total Channel Capacity (512): 256(Analog)/256(Digital)
  • Antenna Impedance: 50¦¸
  • Dimension (H x W x D): 100x57x35mm
  • Weight (W/Battery): 210G
  • Li-polBattery: 2000mAh
  • Rated Voltage: DC: 7.4V
  • Battery Life: Analog: 15 hours / Digital: 23 hours


Other Main Functions:

  • FM Radio
  • Backlight Control
  • Keylock
  • TOT
  • Scan
  • High/Low Power
  • Language Selection
  • Profiles Selection
  • Keytone Control
  • Low Power Alert
  • Display Mode

Digital Features

  • Message
  • Remote Kill
  • Remote Revive
  • Contacts
  • No-address Call
  • Remote monitor
  • Remote detection
  • Call Alert
  • Call log
  • Emergency Ala

Package Contain:

1x Kydera DM-760 DMR Radio (Not Including any Charger)

1x Battery

1x Antenna

1x Belt Clip

1x Rope

1x Desktop Charger

1x Programming CD

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 300 × 400 × 100 cm


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