Motorola GM3688 45W 50KM Mobile Car Radio VHF UHF Motorola Vehicle Mouted Walkie Talkie Wide Rang Outdoor


Motorola GM3688 45W 50KM Mobile Car Radio VHF UHF Motorola Vehicle Mouted Walkie Talkie Wide Rang Outdoor


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Motorola GM3688 45W 50KM Mobile Car Radio VHF UHF Motorola Vehicle Mouted Walkie Talkie Wide Rang Outdoor

1. Features

Take the ruggedly-built Motorola GM3688 for a ride into the tough world of the Construction, Taxi, Courier and Manufacturing industries and watch it perform. Superb audio quality makes communication a breeze even in high-noise environments.

Now with a alphanumeric display and PTT ID function, callers from any of the 64 supported channels can be identified. Advanced capabilities for enhanced fleet management can be added on quickly and easily via the 16-pin external accessory port or an option board interface. In addition, a comprehensive range of accessories can be customised to suit individual users’ needs, even within the same fleet. The GM3688 Conventional Mobile – made to grow with your fleets.

Rugged Construction

The mobiles are built to meet or exceed the stringent Motorola ALT, MIL-STD 810C/D/E and IP54 international standards, which make them suitable for use in rough environments.

Audio Enhancement

The mobiles offer voice compression mode and powerful 4W front facing speaker for maximum audio clarity. Optional 13w external speaker is available for high-noise environments like the construction and manufacturing industries.

64 Channels

Able to accommodate your growing business needs and communication channels.

8-Character Alphanumeric Display

Large display with icons, for quick identification of radio status, and incoming calls.

16-pin External Accessary Port & Internal Option Board Interface

Allows easy expansion of radio’s capability, without messy dismantling and rewiring. Devices such as GPS module, data modem and a host of others can be added on as your business needs grow.

User Friendly

• Large ON/OFF Knob and Channel Buttons enable easy and quick operation.

• 4 Programmable Buttons provide convenient access to frequently used functions.

• LED Status Indicators and Alert Tones allow clear indication of radio’s operating status and timely notification of incoming calls.

Voice Operated Transmission (VOX)

Radio may be activated by voice control when connected to a Visor microphone, thus allowing users to concentrate on road safety.



• PTT ID Encode/Decode Identifies the radio during transmission, so callers do not have to verbally identify themselves.

• Selective Radio Inhibit Decode If missing or stolen, the dispatcher or system can remotely disable the radio for greater security.

• Radio Check Decode Allow radios to be checked if it is working or opertaing within range.

• Emergency Provides instant help by activating the foot switch. With selected microphones, it also allows dispatcher to listen in to the situation around the radio.


• PTT ID Encode • Selective Call Encode • Call Alert Encode

Quick Call II

• Selective Call Encode/Decode • Call Alert Encode/Decode

2. Specifications




Channel Capacity


Typical RF Output

Low Power UHF and VHF

 1-25 W

High Power UHF

25-40 W

High Power VHF

25-45 W


136-174 MHz; 403-440 MHz, 438-470Mhz

Power Supply

13.8 Vdc (11 Vdc – 16.6 Vdc) negative vehicle ground

Channel Spacing


Frequency Stability


Dimensions (HxWxL)

44mm x 169mm x 118mm


1.01 Kg

Operating temperature

– 30 to + 60°C


Passes rain and dust testing to IP54

Shock and Vibration

Meets MIL-STD 810-C,D&E and TIA/EIA 603



136-174 MHz;403-470 MH

Channel Spacing

12.5 kHz/ 20/25 kHz

Frequency Stability

± 0.5 ppm

Sensitivity (12db Sinad)

VHF  :

0.35uV (12.5KHz)

0.3uV (25KHz)


VHF:                UHF

65dB (12.5KHz)       60dB (12.5KHz)

75dB (25KHz)         70dB (25KHz)

Adjacent Channel Selectivity

65dB (12.5KHz)        60dB (12.5KHz)

75dB (25KHz)         70dB (25KHz)

Spurious Rejection

75dB                 70dB

Rated Audio

4W internal

13W external

Audio Distortion @ Rated Audio

3% (typical)

Conducted Spurious Emission

57 dBm < 1GHz

-47dBM > 1GHz


Modulation Limiting

+/-2.5KHz (12.5KHz)

+/-4KHz (20KHz)

+/-5KHz (25KHz)

FM Hum and Noise

-40 dB (12.5KHz)   -35 dB (12.5KHz)      -40 dB (12.5KHz)

-45 dB (25KHz)     -40 dB (25KHz)       -40 dB (25KHz)

Conducted / Radiated Emission

1-25W    36 dBm < 1GHz -30 dBm > 1GHz

25-40/45W    -26 dBm

Adjacent Channel Power

-60 dB (12.5KHz)

-70 dB (25KHz)

Audio Response

+1, -3 dB

Audio Distortion @ 1000Hz, 60% Rated Max. Deviation

3% typical

Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 300 × 400 × 100 cm
Frequency Range

VHF:136-174MHz, UHF:403-470MHz


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