Motorola Wireless Communication Radio GP3688 VHF UHF Walkie Talkie

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Motorola Wireless Communication Radio GP3688 VHF UHF Walkie Talkie

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Motorola Wireless Communication Radio GP3688 VHF UHF Walkie Talkie

  • Frequency Range: VHF 146-174MHz; UHF1: 403-440MHz, UHF2 438-470MHz
  • Storage Channel: 64
  • Dimensions: 126.5mm x 61.5mm x 43mm
  • Weight: 500g
  • Description: Motorola GP3688 Walkie Talkie ; VHF & UHF ; Bluetooth Headset Available.

1. Features

Crystal Clear Audio

Exceptional audio design for that added communications edge.

Extended Talktime

19hr-talktime on low power and 14hr-talktime on high power for greater productivity.

Battery Latch Lock Feature

Keeps the power source firmly fastened to the radio and allows continuous communication.

Durable and Reliable

Compliant with demanding MIL-STD 810 standards, thus apt for harsh working environments.

Compatible Accessories

Compatible with existing original Motorola and MagOne accessories, thus protecting your


Quick and Easy Programming

Faster programming with the user-friendly Microsoft Windows based Customer

Programming Software.

Voice Operated Transmission (VOX)

Provides total handsfree for maximal productivity.

Battery Indicator

LED provides status of battery life at a glance.

Sticky Permanent monitor

Allows user to stay on monitor mode without consistently pressing the programmable button.

2. Specifications


 Frequency Range

 VHF: 146~174MHz

 UHF: 403~440/438-470MHz

 Memory Channel


 Channel spacing


 Operating Temperature


 Operating Voltage

 DC 7.4V





 Battery Capacity

 1400mAh Ni-mh

 Transmission Part

 Output power


 Maximum Fequency Offset

≤5KHz / ≤2.5KHz

 FM Noise


 Modulation Distortion



 16KΦF3E / 8KΦF3E


 0.75KHz ±50Hz,0.37KHz ±30Hz

 Reception Part



 Audio Power


 Audio Distortion


 Adjacent Channel Selectivity

 ≤65dB, ≤60dB

 Spurious Rejection


Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 40 × 20 × 20 cm
Frequency Range

UHF1: 403-440MHz, UHF2: 438-470MHz, VHF1: 136-162MHz, VHF2: 146-174MHz


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