Motorola GP3688 Professional Radio VHF UHF Portable Walkie Talkie upgraded version of the GP88s


Motorola GP3688 Professional Radio VHF UHF Portable Walkie Talkie upgraded version of the GP88s


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Motorola GP3688 Professional Radio VHF UHF Portable Walkie Talkie upgraded version of the GP88s


Product Information

Motorola has launched an upgraded version of the GP88s – the GP3688. This product not only inherits the advantages of its predecessors, but also has new functionalities, making it a new star in the market.

GP3688 is a product of this philosophy of”relying on strong quality to create an industry pioneer”. Compared to its predecessors, the biggest difference of GP3688 lies in its comprehensive data application functions. The most important use value of walkie talkie products is to complete information transmission in different spaces on the same frequency band – no matter how harsh the environment is, maintaining efficient transmission function can maximize the satisfaction of the different needs of customers in different industries. Reliable data transmission, clear call quality, and long-distance call range are all direct manifestations of product quality.

GP3688 has features such as clear voice, high sensitivity, call distance, and potential for various industry applications, thanks to its use of Motorola’s built-in data signaling transmission function. The unique SDT1200 signaling technology is a new data instruction technology developed by Motorola for industry applications. It combines Motorola’s original and highly reliable MDC1200 digital signaling, with strong forward error correction ability, greatly improving reliability compared to general signaling transmission, and further enhancing anti-interference ability. At the same time, SDT1200 signaling can also be defined by customers themselves, which means that customers can connect computers to send or receive through optional board interfaces or accessory interfaces, providing great convenience for industry applications.

In response to the increasing demand for secondary development from customers, GP3688 has more diverse applications than GP88s, which have been widely used in various industries. By utilizing the option board interface, secondary developers can easily develop new solutions based on customer needs. In addition, the external software refresh function of GP3688 supports secondary developers to refresh the solidified software of the option board through a computer interface. The software can be upgraded without disassembling the option board, greatly reducing developers’ workload and improving device reliability.
With its strong quality, GP3688 has become a pioneer in the industry. Currently, it has been widely applied in fields such as railway transportation, enterprise security, forestry, logistics centers, service industries, and construction manufacturing. The fact also proves that GP3688 can assist customers in successfully completing communication tasks regardless of harsh conditions such as cold, damp, and noisy. Moreover, the durability and call durability of GP3688 have also been favored by industry users. The outer shell of polycarbonate makes the body more sturdy and durable; Tests such as earthquake resistance, high and low temperature resistance, rain resistance, and dust prevention have made GP3688 fully comply with US military standards; Five years of accelerated aging test before leaving the factory to ensure stable performance and lower failure rate of GP3688; In low-power mode, the talk time is 19 hours, while in high efficiency mode, the talk time also reaches 14 hours.


  • Battery
  • Charger
  • Power adapter
  • Dust cover
  • Clip
  • Manual


Frequency VHF 136-162,150-174 MHz
UHF 403-440.438- 470 MHz
Channel Capacity 16 Channels
Power Supply 7.5V±20%
Dimensions (without belt clip and antenna)
With NiCd/extended LiIon
With standard NMH
With slim LiIon
126.5mm (H) x 61.5mm (W) x 45mm (D)
126.5mm (H) x 61.5mm (W) x 43mm (D)
126.5mm (H) x 61.5mm (W) x 42mm (D)
Weight (without belt clip and antenna)
With extended LiIon
With slim LiIon
With standard NMH
With NiCd
Average Battery Life@ 5-5-90 Duty Cycle
With extended LiIon
With slim LiIon
With standard NMH
With NiCd
Hi Power (4W)
Low Power (1W)
UHF 12.5 kHz UHF 20/25kHz
Sensitivity 12dB EIA SINAD 0.25µV
Adjacent Channel Selectivity -65dB -70dB
Intermodulation -70dB
Frequency Stability (-30°C to +60°C) 0.00025%
Spurious Rejection -75 dB
Hum and Noise -45dB @ 12.5kHz, -50dB @ 25kHz
Image and 1/2 I-F Rejection -70dB
Audio Ouput @ < 5% Distortion 500mW
Channel spacing 12.5 / 20 / 25kHz
Frequency Stability (-30°C to +60°C) 0.00025%
Spurs/Harmonics -36 dBm < 1GHz
-30 dBm >1GHz
Audio Response (from 6 dB/octave pre-emphasis300-3000Hz) +1 to -3dB
Audi Distortion @1000Hz, 60% Rated Max. Dev. <3%
FM Noise -40dB(12.5Khz)
FCC Modulation 20/25 kHz 16K0F3E & 11K0F3E
Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 300 × 400 × 150 cm
Frequency Range



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