XiR-P8668Ex Motorola XiR P8668 EX Full Keypad Digital Radio


XiR-P8668Ex Motorola XiR P8668 EX Full Keypad Digital Radio


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Motorola XiR P8668 EX Full Keypad Portable DMR Digital Radio

Threats from explosive gas, combustible dust or chemical vapours, from an oil rig to an open mine, your workers confront them daily. Safe, reliable communication is absolutely critical in such dangerous environments. That’s where the power and performance of MOTOTRBO digital radios stand out.

The MOTOTRBO XiR P8600 Ex Series combines the best of two-way radio functionality with the latest digital technology. It integrates voice and data seamlessly, offers enhanced features that are easy to use, and delivers increased capacity to efficiently connect all your crews. With exceptional voice quality, long battery life and ATEX-rated for safety, the XiR P8600 Ex Series keeps your workers connected safely and productively, wherever the job takes them.

Talk and Hear Clearly Over Excessive Noise
XiR P8600 Ex SERIES These high-performing portables have the highest ATEX gas explosion group rating. Ideal for hazardous work with loud noise, long shifts, rough weather and dangerous conditions including combustible dust, explosive chemicals, gas leaks, flammable hydrocarbons and more. Get all the benefits of MOTOTRBO digital technology, including greater capacity, clearer audio and long battery life. Plus radios and accessories that are ATEX-certified intrinsically safe. XiR P8608 Ex – Rugged, easy to use, non-display model XiR P8668 Ex – Adds a full keypad and large colour display for access to advanced features like texting and caller ID

So Rugged, It Withstands The Worst
The XiR P8600 Ex Series is so rugged and durable, it meets the most stringent standards and has the highest ATEX rating. Whether working in an oil refinery, chemicals factory or mine, dust and water can damage radios, but the XiR P8600 Ex Series is designed to withstand the worst. It meets or exceeds MILSTD-810 for exceptional durability and is IP67 rated* to keep out damaging water and dust. The XiR P8600 Ex Series has also been subjected to Motorola’s unique Accelerated Life Test to simulate five years of hard use.

Easy to Operate
The XiR P8600 Series features large PTT, volume, channel knobs and programmable buttons that are easy to use, even when wearing gloves. The large, colour display (XiR P8668 Ex only) and bright LED show radio status information at a glance. Plus the prominent orange emergency button enables workers to quickly call for assistance when needed.

Keep Crews Communicating, Everywhere
MOTOTRBO’s IP Site Connect uses the Internet to extend coverage to workers anywhere in the world and scalable, single-site Capacity Plus expands capacity to over 1,000 users. Linked Capacity Plus combines the high user-density call management of Capacity Plus with the wide area coverage of IP Site Connect to connect crews at various locations affordably. Use Motorola’s Application Developer Program to adapt the XiR P8600 Ex Series to your unique needs in the future – from location tracking using the built-in GPS receiver to text messaging or call logging and recording. When you want to share information or pinpoint crew locations, access all the right applications on one device.

Work Safely, from Pipeline to Power Plant
Everything about the XiR P8600 Ex Series is designed for worker safety. Loud, clear performance and innovative features like Intelligent Audio and Transmit Interrupt help ensure messages get through in the noisiest environments. And like the radio, Motorola’s audio and energy accessories meet the most stringent ATEX standards. An integrated man-down and lone worker feature sends an instant alert if a mishap occurs. And the bright blue colour helps ensure workers can easily identify and carry only ATEX-approved radios into hazardous environments.

Model Number: Motorola 8668ex
Frequency Range: UHF 400-470MHZ
Storage Channel:16
Talk Range:long
Product name:Handheld walkie talkie
Features:Classic body, exquisite and stylish
application:Fire fighting, manufacturing,shopping mall

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 300 × 500 × 100 cm


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