New Digital 4-20mA 0-10V Voltage Signal Generator 0-20mA Current Transmitter


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New Digital 4-20mA 0-10V Voltage Signal Generator 0-20mA Current Transmitter


This list not include the battery.Recommended 3.7V lithium battery, thickness less than 8mm, XH2.54 2pin connector


3 power supply modes:
DC15-30V/USB-5V/Lithium battery (not included);

Voltage and current regulation can be switched with one button, independent wiring, and simultaneous output;

Current output 2, 3, 4 wire passive, active fully compatible, can be connected to analog passive 2-wire pressure sensor, temperature sensor; can also be connected to active 3, 4-wire PLC, inverter, servo drive, flow Valve, etc.;

The output is short-circuit protected and the power supply is reverse-protected;

Multiple output ranges: 0-3.3/5/10/2-10/1-5…0-20/0-22/4-20m…

Multiple display modes: voltage and current/100.0% percentage/50.0H…

Coarse adjustment and double adjustment mode, the adjustment number of turns can be set;

Encoder knob 360 degree stepless adjustment, stable and durable

4-digit high-definition digital tube, two decimal points are adjusted with high precision, and the output can be calibrated;

Pluggable terminal block, easy to install and carry;

Power supply modes
DC15V-30V external power supply, can share 24V power supply of PLC and other equipment;

Android (microUSB) universal interface, can be connected to charging treasure / charger / electricity
Brain USB port, etc.;

3.7V lithium battery power supply (this list not include battery);


External power supply DC15-30V power 1W (not charging) / 5W (charging);

External microUSB- 5V current 0.2A (no charge) / 1A (charge);

Voltage output 0-10V adjustable, accuracy O.01V calibrated, maximum current 100mA, short circuit protection;

The current output is adjustable from 0-22mA, the accuracy is 0.01mA, the current sampling resistor is 10-500 ohms, and it can be short-circuited.

The digital tube displays 4 digits, two decimal places;

Encoder knob 1 pulse number 20

Wiring diagram

Package include

1 x Signal generator


Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 500 × 300 × 100 cm


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