New QRP SWR HF Short Wave Standing Wave Meter SWR Power Meter


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New QRP 1.6MHz-30MHz SWR HF Short Wave Standing Wave Meter SWR Power Meter With Battery

Based on this open source project


This shortwave standing wavemeter is designed base on G8GYW open source.

This power standing waves meter is designed for shortwaves radio.

Portable size and easy to carry, you can take it or store it easily.

Built-in large capacity lithium battery to provide a long service time and you can rechage it in time.

Applicable frequency ranges is 1.6MHz-30MHz and power measurement ranges is 0.1W-11W.
Support serial communication, serial calibration,
USB firmware upgrade.

The power measurement and standing wave measurement keep one decimal place by default, and the communication data are two decimal places.


Applicable frequency range: 1.6mhz-30mhz

Power measurement range: 0.1w-11w

Power measurement accuracy: better than ± 5% (the calibration temperature is 22 degrees, and the error will change with the temperature)

Standing wave measurement range: 1.0-19.9

Insertion loss: < 0.15dB

Insertion standing wave ratio: < 1 02@50 Ω

RF interface type: SMA (outer screw inner hole)

Communication and charging interface type: type-C

Shell size: 63mm * 46mm * 19mm (excluding protruding parts)

Built in lithium battery capacity: 400mah (can be used continuously for more than 30 hours)

The red light is displayed when charging, and the light is off when full.

After startup, the version information and battery voltage information are displayed, the power standing wave measurement interface is displayed after 2 seconds, and the battery power is displayed in the lower right corner.

Package include

1 x SWR power meter
2 x SMA to BNC connector
1 x USB cable

Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 300 × 250 × 100 cm


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