Walkie Talkie Accessories NISSEI RS40 Power SWR Meter 200W


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NISSEI RS40 Power SWR Meter RS-Measurable Up to 200W Power Range Connector 144/430mHz Walkie Talkie Accessories

SWR & POWER meter can read out directly without any calibration.
Maximum measurable power range up to 200W.
Low insertion loss structure allows it to be connected permanently.
High precision, convenient for use, good for HAM people.

Color: Black
Frequency Range: 140-150MHz, 430-450MHz
Measurable Power Range: 0-200W
Power Range: 15W, 60W, 200W
Insertion Loss: 0.3dB or Lower
Impedence: 50Ω
Connector: MJ-MJ
Dimension: 70 * 78 * 30mm / 2.75 * 3.07 * 1.18in (W * H * D
Weight: 196g / 6.92oz
Package Size: 18 * 13 * 3.5cm / 7.08 * 5.12 * 1.37in
Package Weight: 226g / 7.97oz

Package Included

1* NISSEI RS40 Power SWR Meter


Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 300 cm


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