Refined 1st generation QJE PS30SWI Switching Power


Refined 1st generation QJE PS30SWI Switching Power


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Refined 1st generation QJE PS30SWI switching power supply car radio base station DC voltage stabilized communication 13.8V 30A

PS30SWI first generation DC regulated communication switching power supply

Technical specifications

Input voltage: 220V AC

Output voltage: 13.8V DC

Output voltage accuracy: less than 2%

Output current: 20A (continuous), 30A (peak)

Protection function: short circuit and over current protection.

Ripple and noise: ≤100mVp-p

Size: 150*70*195mm

Weight: 1.5kg

Specially designed for communication equipment, fixed 13.8V output
Pointer display, cigarette lighter socket, over-current short-circuit protection

13.8V power output, stable and reliable
13.8V stable output voltage, maximum withstand current up to 30A, providing reliable power for vehicle-mounted or short-wave radio

Pointer display, accurate and fast
The power supply adopts pointer display mode, accurate reading, fast response, one-key switch of voltage and current indication, easy to use

Dual-purpose terminal socket, convenient and practical
The power output adopts dual-purpose terminal sockets, which can be equipped with copper nose or banana power cords, which are convenient to plug and unplug, and are safe and firm.

Equipped with a large-size cooling fan to provide a safe and stable working state for the internal components of the power supply, and easily cope with the long-term continuous operation of the high-power radio.


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