5 Colors Quansheng UV-K6 Green Newest Two Way Radios


5 Colors Quansheng UV-K6 Green Newest Two Way Radios


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5 Colors Quansheng UV-K6 Walkie Talkie UV-K58 5W Air Band Radio Tyep C Charge UHF VHF DTMF FM Scrambler NOAA Wireless Frequency Two Way CB Radio UV-K5(8) UVK6 UVK58

Product features
NOAA weather reception 25: DTMF
Fast linking 26: DTMF ANI
10 groups of voice encryption (scrambling) 27: High, medium and low power options
Large capacity battery/long standby time 28: Receive and transmit signaling are set separately
Lighting function 29: Multiple step frequencies
Reverse frequency operation function 30: Initialize the settings
Timeout timer 31: Channel storage
Transmits 1750 signals 32: Computer programmable
Frequency, channel mode conversion 33: Tone switch
200 channels 34: AM/FM air segment reception
Voice telegram 35: FM radio
Multi-segment transmit and receive 36: Digital signaling CTCSS/DCS
Automatic/manual emergency alarm 37: TYPE-C and mount
Multiple scans 38: VOX voice-activated emission function
Difference frequency direction setting 39: Automatic signaling search
Difference frequency setting 40: Busy and banned
Wide and narrow band options 41: Channel number, channel frequency, channel name Multiple display methods
Squelch level setting 42: Channel scan added
Keypad lock 43: Large screen dot matrix LCD display
The backlight automatically turns off the selection time 44: Transit desk forwarding confirmation function
Cross-segment intercom function 45: Boot password protection
Wireless full machine replication 46: Frequency meter function
DTMF dialing 47: That is, the call channel
On-site programming
General specifications
Signal channel 200 Audio power ≥0.5W
Number of FM radios stored 20 Audio distortion ≤10%
Frequency stability ±1ppm launch
Size 115mmX60mmX37.5mm Band 144∽146MHz430∽440MHz
weight 234g Transmit power 4W
Operating temperature -20℃+60℃ Transmit current ≤1.5A
Antenna impedance 50 euros Maximum frequency offset ≤5KHz(25KHz),≤2.5KHz(12.5KHz)
Modulation mode FM:11KOF3E(12.5KHz),16K0F3E(25KHz) Modulation distortion ≤5%
NOAA channel number 10 Stray components ≤7.5uW
Battery capacity 1600mAh Frontage power 70dB(25KHz),60dB(12.5KHz)
reception Residual modulation 40dB
Reference sensitivity FM(12dB SINAD) F1(50∽76) -121dBm F2(108∽135.9975) -121dBm F3(136∽173.9975) -123dBm F4(174∽349.9975) -123dBm F5(350∽399.9975) -123dBm F6(400∽469.9975) -123dBm F6(470∽599.9975) – 121dBm WFM(20dB SINAD) WFM(76∽108) -110dBm AM(10dB S/N) F2(108∽135.9975) -113dBm


1× Radio Body

1× 7.2V 1600mah Li-ion Battery Pack

1× SMA-Female Dual Band Antenna

1× Belt Clip
1× ENG Manual

1× Desktop Charger ( 110V ~ 240V )

1× Handstrap

Weight 0.9 kg
Dimensions 300 × 400 × 150 cm

black, Desert camouflage, green, Orange, Transparent


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