Speaker Microphone For Kenwood Portable Radio


Speaker Microphone For Kenwood Portable Radio


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Remote Speaker Microphone For Kenwood TK253 TK353 TK260G TK360G TK3200 TK3400 TK3402 TK3302 TK3312 TK3360 Portable Radio

Compatible with Kenwood Radios

TK208 TK220 TK240 TK240D TK248 TK249

TK308 TK320 TK340 TK340D TK348 TK349

TK250 TK253 TK255 TK260 TK260G

TK350 TK353 TK355 TK360 TK360G

TK270 TK270G TK272 TK272G TK273 TK273G TK278 TK278G TK288

TK370 TK370G TK372 TK372G TK373 TK373G TK378 TK378G TK388

TK2100 TK2101 TK2102 TK2107 TK2118 TK2130 TK2131 TK2160 TK2170

TK3100 TK3101 TK3102 TK3107 TK3118 TK3130 TK3131 TK3160 TK3170 TK3173

TK2200 TK2201 TK2202 TK2206 TK2207

TK3200 TK3201 TK3202 TK3206 TK3207 TK3230

TK2400 TK2402 TK2302 TK2312 TK2360

TK3400 TK3402 TK3302 TK3312 TK3360

NX220 NX320  NX240v/340u NX420

Remote Speaker Microphone 

This large remote speaker microphone is easy to operate even while wearing gloves and features IMPRES audio which optimizes your audio when operating in noisy environments. Audio jack available to attach earpieces for discreet communications.

Warm Tips
If the model you need is not on the list or you are not sure if it is suitable for your radio,
please feel free to let us know,and we will offer you the most suitable items.

Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 300 × 250 × 60 cm


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