New 4G LTE Talkpod N15 Lite PoC Portable Radio Dual SIM Type-C Charging


New 4G LTE Talkpod N15 Lite PoC Portable Radio Dual SIM Type-C Charging


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Talkpod N15 Lite PoC Portable Radio

Talkpod N15 is a mini cost-effective public network walkie talkie. With a rigid appearance, delicate lines, and sturdy structure, the overall feel is excellent and practical; Equipped with a 36mm speaker, color display screen, multiple function buttons, and dual SIM card slots and so on, to meet the basic needs of users; There is a Type-C interface at the bottom, which supports fast charging anytime, anywhere. N15 is the best choice for public network users.

The N15 series is the small, lightweight and easy to use radio with push-to- talk over Cellular (PoC) operation for communication in an instant. Reduce missed messages with louder and clearer audio from the built-in speaker or compatible headsets for precise communication between users. All this performance is protected by a rugged radio housing and long-lasting battery. The N1 Series is your essential communication tool built to last all day, every day.


4G Support

1)   LTE EDD:  B1 B3 B5 B7 B8

2)LTE TDD:  B34 B38 B39 B40 B41

IP54 and Military Standard 810H rated
Private and group push-to-talk
Loud and clear audio
Voice-guided navigation
Emergency Calling & Alerting
Easily located oversized PTT button
Up to 18 hours battery life
Rapid, reliable deployment
Multi-network compatibility
1.4 inch color led screen
Over-the-Air device management
A large selection of accessories for the C1 series

GPS satellite positioning

GPS information query

Firmware upgrade

Time out prompt

Call encryption

Low voltage prompt

Button sound setting

Call record query
Group/member address book

Automatic power saving

Nested group settings

Real time group information

Client scheduling platform

Unlimited friend selection

Unlimited member selection

GPS trajectory playback

Customize shortcut keys

Real time background recording

Group call/group call/single call channel locking

Any combination group

Version information query

Query local information

Automatically synchronize contacts

Speech level setting

Remote monitoring

Activate suspended account

Multilingual voice broadcasting

Unlimited group selection

Emit prompt tone

Main Functions

National intercom, unlimited distance

The public data network is being upgraded day by day. The 2G/3G/4G (multiple versions) network covering a wide range of areas can meet the needs of users who coordinate real-time calls across regions and long distances; Wherever there is a network signal, real-time intercom is possible.

Background operation, remote scheduling

After setting up a platform account for the walkie talkie through the frequency writing software, group allocation, remote recording, GPS positioning (optional function), and other scheduling and management work can be carried out at any time through the webpage or client, making it convenient to quickly and uniformly manage members.

Mini and ultra-thin, with excellent hand feel

Designed according to ergonomics, with a matte texture, dual color injection molded body, acrylic front panel, and compression and wear resistance; The whole machine is lightweight, including standard batteries. The thickness of the machine is only 30mm, and the weight is only 145g.

Built in antenna, signal gain

Adopting high-performance FPC soft antennas that fit multiple positions inside the shell material, it can simultaneously receive and transmit operator network data signals from multiple angles, achieving excellent results; Equipped with a thickened ceramic GPS antenna (optional version), it can accurately obtain positioning information.

Digital voice, clear and loud

Advanced speech coding technology enables clear speech to be obtained even in noisy environments, maintaining efficient communication; Built-in 1W high-power speaker ensures clear and loud sound, allowing you to easily maintain smooth communication.

Fast login, dual card dual standby N15 takes only 3 seconds from startup to successful login; The device comes with two SIM card slots, which can support three operators simultaneously: China Mobile, China Telecom, and China Unicom. In the absence of network signal, the system will automatically switch to another SIM card, without the need for manual operation and restart, providing an excellent experience.

Longer standby and longer use

The standard 3.7V  3000mAh battery can operate for up to 10 hours; The battery comes with a micro USB interface, which can be charged directly through a power adapter, car charger, power bank, etc. A longer usage time can effectively meet the long-term operational needs of users.


Transmission power: 23dBm~25dBm

Working mode: Same frequency simplex or different frequency simplex

Up and down speed: 10Mbps

Working voltage: DC 3.7V

Standard battery: 3000mAh

Weight: 170g

External dimensions: 105x52x30 (mm)

Audio output power: 2W

Channel: Infinite

Group: Infinite

Members: Infinite

Receiving sensitivity: -106dBm

Standby working current: 100mA (RX: -75dBm environment)

Sleep working current; 20mA (RX: -75dBm environment)

Average working current: 260mA (RX: -75dBm environment)

Maximum working current: 280mA (RX: -104dBm environment)

Tracking sensitivity: -161dBm/-158dBm

Oscillator/RTC crystal: built-in (MAX-7Q/7W)

Anti interference: active CW detection and clearing


Standard Accessories

Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 300 × 400 × 100 cm


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