New VNA 6GHz Handheld VNA6000P Vector Network Analyzer


New VNA 6GHz Handheld VNA6000P Vector Network Analyzer


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New 6GHz Handheld Vector Network Analyzer VNA6000P 1MHz-6000MHz VNA Analyzer With Battery


VNA6000P is a 1MHz-6GHz portable dual-port vector network analyzer with built-in display. It is especially suitable for RF circuit matching and debugging of Bluetooth, wifi, 2.4G, 5.8G, GPS, Beidou, IoT devices in various frequency bands, and security products in various frequency bands.


– Working Frequency: 1MHz-6000MHz
– Frequency Resolution: 3Hz
– Max. Scanning Points: 320
– Scanning Speed: <320 points/s
– Bridge Directivity (before calibration): > 12dB
– Effective Directivity (after single-port calibration): > 50dB
– Input SWR: <2
– Phase Measurement Accuracy: <1.5°
– Amplitude Measurement Accuracy: <0.25dB
– Display Size: 3.2-Inch
– Display Resolution: 320×240
– Max. Working Current:
For charging battery: 500mA;
Powered by battery: 700mA;
Powered by an external power supply and charge battery: 1200mA
– Min. DC Input Voltage: 4.5V
– Max. DC Input Voltage: 5.5V
– Charging Time: 6-8H
– N.W.: 0.45kg

Package include

– 1 x VNA6000P Vector Network Analyzer
– 1 x Calibration Kit
– 2 x SMA cable
– 1 x USB Charging Cable

Based on this open source dual port vector network analyzer developed by YL3AKB

Test comparison with E5071C

VNA6000P test device 1 (S11 forward reflection)

E5071C test device 1 (S11 forward reflection)

VNA6000P and E5071C test device 1 result comparison (S11 forward reflection)
E5071C blue/green
VNA6000P red/purple

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 500 × 400 × 60 cm


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