Walkie Talkie Wireless Programmer Phone APP Programming


Walkie Talkie Wireless Programmer Phone APP Programming

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Walkie Talkie Wireless Programmer Phone APP Programming for Baofeng UV 5R BF-888S Radio Multiple Model No Driver Issue USB Cable

The programmer can be adapted to baofeng radio: F8HP, 82HP, UV-5R and many other ham radio models.

Available models:

For Baofeng: UV-5R, UV-82, F8TD, 888S,888S-PLUS(Beta), 88A(Beta), 88ST(Beta), UV-5X, F8HP(Beta) ,UV-82HP(Beta) ,UV-5XP(Beta) ,GT-5R(Beta)

TIDRADIO: UV-5R, UV-82, UV-5R Pro, F6, F9GP, 777S, 777, 66, H6, GM-5R TID:V2 M8 M8s

For Tenway: UV-5R Pro, UV-82 Pro(Beta)

For Radioddtiy: UV-5G,GA-2S, GA-510,UV-5R EX(Beta), GA-5S(Beta), UV-5RX3(Beta) ,UV-82X3(Beta)

For Retevis: RT5R(Beta) ,RT5 (Beta),H-777, RT22FRS, RT22

For Ansoko: A-5R(Beta)

For Rugged: Rh5R(Beta)

For Intek: KT-980HP(Beta)

For TechSide: Ti-F8+(Beta)

For WLN: KD-C1(Beta)

For Zastone: ZT-X6(Beta)

For LUITON:LT-316(Beta)

For Pxton: PX-888S(Beta)

For Arcshell: AR-5(Beta)

Why choose a wireless programmer?

1.Provide common solutions:Provide accurate FRS and GMRS frequencies, which can be directly written into the radio.

2.Save program file:You can save the set parameters as a file, view them on the Re/Tx List, and write the parameters directly when you connect to another radio of the same model.

3.Adapted to multiple models:Odmaster is like CHIRP on a mobile phone, which can be adapted to multiple brands and models.

Functions of repeater :

1.amply the TX/RX signal

2.Compensate signal attenuation

3.Long-distance communication supported


When “TIDRADIO KIT” is displayed, the connection is successful.

After the phone is turned on BT, do not paired the device with your phone in BT settings, just make sure that BT is enabled and then open the Odmaster APP and pair with the programmer within the app.

Package Include:


1.Failed to connect radio and APP


To connect radio to APP, you need to turn on the BT of the mobile phone and click Connect BT again on the APP.


Maybe the BT programmer is loose, you need to push the programmer tightly into the K Plug again and try to read again, or check whether the programmer is turned on.

2.Successfully connected, but read failure?


After successful connection, you need to select the corresponding brand and model before programming.


The radio needs to be turned on during programming.


Restart the programmer and select the model again.

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