Xiegu G90 20W QRP SSB/CW/AM/FM 0.5-30MHz SDR Radio HF transceiver


Xiegu G90 20W QRP SSB/CW/AM/FM 0.5-30MHz SDR Radio HF transceiver


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Xiegu G90 20W QRP SSB/CW/AM/FM 0.5-30MHz SDR Radio HF transceiver



The first model of the Xiegu G-series, G90 is a portable 20W HF amateur radio transceiver. With SDR architecture and built-in auto antenna tuner, G90 has excellent transmit and receive performance, which brings user a highly configurable and functional experience. The G90 has a separate display that can be separated from the host unit and connected via a VGA cable.

Product Description:
Receive frequency range:    0.5MHz~29.999999MHz   
Transmit frequency range:   1.8~2.0MHz
Operating mode:                 SSB/CW/AM
Receive sensitivity:                .25uV @12dB  Sinad  (PRE:ON)
Adjacent channel suppression:60dB
Select:                                    SSB   2.4kHz 
                                                CW   300Hz
Dynamic Range:                   90dB
Frequency stability:           ±2ppm (after power on 30 min)
Operating voltage range:   11~16V DC
Standby current:                 750mA @ Max
Transmitting voltage::      8A @ Max
RF output:                     20W  
Carrier suppression: ≥40dB
Spurious suppression:   ≥50dB
Sideband suppression:  ≥55dB
Audio output power:    0.5W@ 4Ω
Temperature range:    0℃~55℃
Case size:        120*45*210 mm (non include protrusions; display system and body combination status)
Case quality:        about 1.85kg
1.2 ATU parameter
Initial tuning time:    ≤10s
Reentry tuning time:    ≤50ms
Tuned impedance range:    15Ω~250Ω
Features :
  • SDR portable HF Transceiver

  • built-in auto antenna tuner

  • Spectrum image and Waterfall image display

  • The display unit and the case can be separated.

  • High-performance front-end ESC preselector.

    High-performance RF front-end
    Covering the frequency range of 0.5~30MHz, three working modes of SSB/CWAM
    1.8 inch high brightness color TFT LCD display
    ±24kHz bandwidth spectrum display, waterfall display
    Software-defined narrowband filter (CW mode down to 50Hz)
    Detachable head design
    Built-in CW decoder
    Built-in standing wave scanner
    Built-in high-efficiency automatic antenna tuner

Package Content:

1 x Xiegu G90 Transceiver
1 x Multi-function Handle
1 x Data Cable
1 x Power Cable
1 x Operation Manual
2 x Fixed Stud


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