Classic YAESU FT2980R 80W VHF 2M Vehicle Car FM Transceivers


Classic YAESU FT2980R 80W VHF 2M Vehicle Car FM Transceivers


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Yaesu FT-2980R 80W 2M FM Mobile Transceivers

YAESU FT-2980R VHF FM Transceiver 80W Mobile Radio VHF Marine Radio 200CH Communication Over 10KM

Transceiver, Mobile, 144 MHz, FM, 80 W, Heavy-Duty, 200 Memory Channels, DTMF Hand Microphone, Each

Basic Parameters:
– Product model: YAESU FT-2980R
– Frequency range: Tx 136-174MHz; Rx 136-174MHz
– Launch mode: F2D/F3E
– Power supply voltage: 13.8VDC±15%. The negative pole is grounded
– Current consumption (typical): Rx: less than 0.7A, less than 0.3A (noise); Tx: 15A(80W)/9A(30W)/5A(10W)/4A(5W)
– Case size: 165 x 185 x 50mm/6.5 x 7.3 x 2″ (without the sizes of knob)
– Operating temperature range: -20℃ to +60℃
– Channel step length: 5/10/12.5/15/20/25/50/100KHz
– N.W.: approx. 1.9kg/4.2 lb
– Occupied broadband: ≤ 16KHz
– Spurious emission limit: ≤ -7.5μw

General Parameters:

– Stray radiation: better than -60dB
– Number of channels: 200
– Output power: 80W/30W/10W/5W
– Antenna interface: M type
– Circuit type: two-stage variable frequency superheterodyne
– Output power: better than ±10 (-20℃ to +60℃)
– Antenna impedance: 50 ohms, unbalanced resistance
– Channel step length: 5/10/12.5/15/20/25/50/100KHz

– Adopt for YAESU’s famous advanced tracking tuner
– Effectively avoid modulation distortion inside the receiver
– All-around multi-format scanning function
– Smart search function
– Excellent reception performance
– RF Squelch丨Timeout Timer
– Voltage display
– Dual frequency monitoring
– Automatic shut-down
– Busy channel lock
– Weather alert channel scanning function (North American version only)
– Built-in CTCSS and DCS encoding and decoding functions
– Input the operating frequency directly through the keyboard of the microphone
– Wide/narrow resolution selection
– Interactive editing menu
– 4-level backlight adjustment
– Lock function
– Password function
– DTMF function

– Password function. Prevent others from using your walkie-talkie without permission
– Dot-matrix high-definition LCD screen fully displays information, and subtitles are clearly visible
– Copy data. The storage and configuration data in one FT-2980R can be transferred to another FT-2980R. It will play an important role when
configuring multiple radio stations for public service operations
– Handheld microphone is convenient for manual tuning
– Through the numeric keyboard, you can directly input the operating frequency, getting rid of the cumbersome computer writing frequency
– Programmable buttons. Custom buttons for quick and easy access to frequently used functions
– DC heat sink ensures the normal operation of the radio, making it more reliable and stable
– Automatic power off. The APO function of the radio station will completely shut down the radio station when there is no operation on the
PTT or other buttons/switches of the radio station within a user-defined time. It saves power

More Details:
– Rubber buttons. Comfortable to use. Full of flexibility, good durability and more convenient operation
– Thick wear-resistant material. High-quality plastic, wear-resistant, drop-proof, odorless, high temperature resistant
– Dot-matrix high-definition LCD screen displays information, and subtitles are clearly visible
– Special metal antenna interface makes it not easy to rust and durable

Packing List:
1. Transceiver YAESU FT2980R x 1
2. Handheld Microphone MH-48A6JA x 1
3. Bracket MMB-83 (Installed in Cars) x 1
4. Bracket x 1
5. DC Power Cord (3m/9.8ft with fuse) x 1
6. 25A Spare Fuse x 1
7. Bag of Hook & Screws for Microphone x 1
8. User Manual x 1



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