Upgraded YAESU FTM 200DR C4FM Mobile Digital Transceiver UV Dual-band FTM-200DR Car Radios


Upgraded YAESU FTM 200DR C4FM Mobile Digital Transceiver UV Dual-band FTM-200DR Car Radios


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YAESU FTM 200DR  FTM-200DR digital UV dual segment dual display vehicle mounted interphone platform 100DR upgraded version

Yaesu’s All New FTM-200DR – 50W VHF/UHF Dual Band C4FM/ FM Mobile Transceiver.

The new FTM-200DR is a C4FM Digital Multi-Functional transceiver with a single receiver.

The FTM-200DR delivers reliable and stable 50W Transmit Performance. The heavy-duty heat sink is equipped with FACC (Funnel Air-Convection Conductor). The speaker delivers 3 Watts of Clear and Crisp Receive Audio which has been specifically tuned for radio communication. 2-inch Full-color display provides high visibility and highlights the frequency of the operating band with selectable color – White, Blue or Red. Front panel of the FTM-200DR is detachable and can be mounted at the most desirable operating position. The new FTM-200DR supports optional Bluetooth® wireless operation using the SSM-BT10 Headset or a commercially available Bluetooth® headset*.

YAESU PMG (Primary Memory Group) function in the FTM-200DR allows PMG-SR Monitor (Primary Memory Group with a Single Receiver). The display frequency can register up to 5 PMG channels, regardless of the VFO or Memory channel operation. AUTO or MANUAL mode can be selected**.

1104 Memory Channels can be programmed with 16-character alpha-numeric tags. The MAG (Memory Auto Grouping) function allows memory channels to be automatically categorized in each band, ALL, AIR, VHF, UHF and OTHER.

The C4FM Digital Communication features which are already popular in the market, such as Automatic Mode Select (AMS)Digital Group ID (DG-ID) operation, and Smart Navigation Function are available with the new FTM-200DR. The FTM-200DR supports the Worldwide WIRES-X Internet Communication. A Fixed Node using an HRI-200, or a Portable Digital Node can be easily set up with the optional SCU-40 Cable Kit.

New Custom Function List (CFL) of the FTM-200DR quickly recalls a list of frequently used functions by simply pressing the [F Menu] key. 10 functions are listed by default, and up to 8 functions can be customized from the 124 items of the setup menu.

Some Additional Features Of The FTM-200DR Are:

  • Wide-range 108MHz to 999.995MHz receive coverage
  • High Speed Band Scope (displays the receive status of up to 61 channels centered on the current VFO frequency or up to 21 channels in Memory Mode)
  • VFO Band Skip Function
  • High-precision 66 channel GPS Receiver
  • 1200/9600bps APRS® Data Communication
  • VOX function
  • Recording Function
  • Snapshot Feature
  • MicroSD Card Slot

Radio Features:

  • 50W Stable High-Power with Heavy Duty Heat Sink with FACC (Funnel Air-Convection Conductor) *Selectable 50W / 25W / 5W
  • 2-inch High-Resolution QVGA Full-Color TFT Display and Demountable Front Panel Controller
  • 3W of Powerful, Clear and Crisp Audio Speaker
  • Advanced C4FM Digital Mode with AMS (Automatic Mode Select), DG-ID feature and Smart Navigation
  • PMG-SR Monitor (Primary Memory Group with a Single Receiver) provides constant monitoring and communicaton on up to 5 channels with PMG – *AUTO mode and MANUAL mode are selectable
  • Custom Function List (CFL) Display allows checking and immediately executing priority functions. Up to 8 functions or setting from the set-up menu can be registered
  • MAG (Memory Auto Grouping) Function allows Memory channels to be automatically categorized in ALL, AIR band, VHF band, UHF band and OTHER
  • 1104 Memory Channels including 5 “Home” channels, 50 sets of memories for programmable memory scan and 999 “Basic” memories
  • VFO Band Skip Function
  • High speed Band Scope function
    *up to 61 channels centered on the current VFO frequency, and up to 21 channels in memory mode
  • Memory Channel Data Transfer to the VFO Register
  • Built-in 66ch High precision GPS receiver and External GPS device connectivity
  • Wireless Operation Capability with the Bluetooth® Headset *Requires the installation of an optional Bluetooth® Unit BU-4
  • WiRES-X Portable Digital Node / Fixed Node with HRI-200
  • Snapshot Feature with the optional microphone MH-85A11U
  • Voice Recording function for receive and transmit audio
  • micro SD Card Slot (up to 32GB)

Supplied Accessories:

  • DTMF Microphone SSM-85D
  • Radio unit Mounting Bracket
  • Bracket for Controller
  • Control Cable for operation with mounted front panel
  • Control Cable 10ft (3m) for the operation with detached front panel
  • USB Cable
  • DC Power Cable
  • Operating Manual


Frequency Ranges:

  • RX: 108 – 137MHz (Air Band)
  • RX: 137 – 174MHz (144MHz HAM / VHF Band)
  • RX: 174 – 400MHz
  • RX: 400 – 480MHz (430MHz HAM / UHF Band)
  • RX: 480 – 999.995MHz (USA Cellular Blocked)

  • TX: 144 – 148 MHz
  • TX: 430 – 450 MHz

Circuit Type: Double-Conversion Superheterodyne
Modulation Type: F1D, F2D, F3E : Variable Reactance Modulation : F7W : 4FSK (C4FM)
RF Power Output: 50W / 25W / 5W
Memory Channels: 1104
Case Size(W x H x D): Radio Unit 5.47″ x 1.66″ x 5.2″ (139 x 42 x 132 mm) w/o Fan – Controller 5.47″ x 2.09″ x 0.7″ (139 x 53 x 18 mm) w/o Knob
Weight: 2.43lbs (1.1kg) with Radio Unit, Controller, Control Cable

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 300 × 500 × 150 cm


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