Quansheng K6 vs K5,which is better to listen to aviation frequency signals?

Quansheng UV-K5 and Quansheng K6 are both UV portable walkie talkies with the function of receiving aviation frequency signals. Considering the stability and clarity of listening to aviation frequency signals, it is necessary to compare the performance of the two walkie talkies from the following factors:

1 Receiving frequency range: Both walkie talkies can receive signals in the aviation band (118MHz -136MHz), but the Quansheng K6 also supports a longer receiving range (400MHz -470MHz), so if you need to receive other close range communication frequencies, the Quansheng K6 may be more suitable.

2. Receiving sensitivity: Receiving sensitivity represents the sensitivity of the walkie talkie to the weak signal received, usually measured in dBm units. In terms of aviation frequency band signal reception, the reception sensitivity of Quansheng UV-K5 is displayed as less than or equal to -107dBm, and the reception sensitivity of Quansheng K6 is displayed as less than or equal to -122dBm. It can be seen that the Quansheng K6 performs better in low intensity signal scenarios.

3. Hardware quality: In terms of product hardware quality, Quansheng K6 adopts better packaging, circuit boards, and screens, resulting in a higher overall texture.

Overall, both Quansheng UV-K5 and Quansheng K6 have certain signal reception capabilities in receiving aviation frequency signals, and both discrete circuits are well-designed. If your requirements are limited to aviation frequency reception, then Quansheng K6 is a better choice based on the reception range and sensitivity indicators. If you need to receive communication signals from other frequencies or require better hardware quality, you may need to choose another walkie talkie or make more specific product comparisons.

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