Trial use of Baofeng UV-5RH walkie talkie

2024 Baofeng UV-5RH 136-174MHz 220-260MHz 400-520MHz Tri-Bands Two Way Radios

After using the Baofeng Dual Band UV-5RH walkie talkie, here to share a preliminary evaluation of this walkie talkie, discuss its features, and the shortcomings in use.

Main features:

1.The new device has a wide range of frequency bands: The Baofeng UV-5RH supports dual frequency and dual standby, and can receive six frequency bands including VHF (136-174MHz) and UHF (400-520MHz), as well as transmit three frequency bands, enabling stable communication in different environments.

2.Improved Type-C interface: Equipped with a large capacity battery and a Type-C interface, UV-5RH performs well in outdoor activities, providing users with long-term communication services and reducing the frequency of battery replacement.

3.Cheap enough: A pair of handheld radios is equivalent to the price of a Desheng radio, and they can also emit signals, which is an important consideration for outdoor adventure and long-distance travel users.

4.Improved LCD color screen: equipped with a multifunctional LCD screen, clear display, and easy operation. It can easily switch channels, adjust volume, and other functions.

5.Power increase to 10W: increased from 5W to 10W, making it easier to transmit over longer distances during use.

6.One click frequency scanning function: It is already possible to scan frequency with one click and connect to different brands of mobile phones in the attachment, which is very convenient for team building.

Emergency communication requirements: Communication is crucial in emergency backpack usage scenarios. The wide frequency range and long battery life of Baofeng UV-5RH make it an ideal communication tool in emergency situations. During disasters, it is easy to stay in touch with family or team members, which radios cannot do.

Portability: The design of the emergency backpack emphasizes lightweight and compactness, and the design of the Baofeng UV-5RH is in line with it. Users can easily put the walkie talkie into their emergency backpack without taking up too much space, and it can also be charged through various type-C interfaces, allowing for quick response in case of emergencies.

Multi functional application: In emergency situations, the six receiving frequencies and FM radio function of Baofeng UV-5RH can provide additional information sources, increasing the user’s ability to respond in emergency situations. The VOX function can also provide convenience when other items need to be operated with both hands.

Emergency distress function: UV-5RH can send emergency digital coded signals through preset channels or special frequencies to notify nearby users of an emergency situation. This is very important for emergency situations that require quick assistance.

Coping with adverse weather: Although the waterproof performance of UV-5RH is limited, its performance is sufficient compared to radios in general emergency scenarios. For users, using walkie talkies for communication and self rescue is a more effective way in extreme weather conditions.

Simple operation: Considering that quick operation may be necessary in emergency situations, the operating system of Baofeng UV-5RH, although slightly complex, has also added simple setting buttons such as one click frequency sweep. After some understanding, it can still be quickly used.


1.Poor sound quality: Although significant improvements have been made to the speaker sound quality, in some environments, especially noisy backgrounds, the sound quality of walkie talkies is not ideal, which may lead to misunderstandings of some information. It is recommended to wear headphones or a handheld microphone.

2.Construction quality is average: Although the design of the Baofeng UV-5RH has strengthened the backboard, the construction quality has not improved significantly. In some user feedback, walkie talkies may be susceptible to impacts or falls.

3.The operating system is slightly more complex: For some novice users, the UV-5RH operating system may be slightly more complex and require some time to adapt.

Need amateur radio certificate: The power has increased significantly, and according to the situation in China, it is necessary to use with an A certificate, which sets a certain threshold for outdoor athletes and emergency needs.


The Baofeng UV-5RH walkie talkie has made significant improvements in frequency band coverage, battery life, and power. It remains a highly practical walkie talkie in emergency backpack usage scenarios. Its versatility, portability, and communication capabilities make it an indispensable part in emergency situations. Suitable for outdoor activities and emergency backpack backup. However, some issues with sound quality, construction quality, and operating system may affect its overall performance. Users still need to understand some of its shortcomings before using it in order to better utilize its functions. For users who have high requirements for communication quality, it may be necessary to consider these shortcomings more deeply.

As an improved communication device, the Baofeng UV-5RH is still quite cost-effective for novice amateur radios, especially suitable for Beginner walkie talkies and emergency use.

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