What’s newly upgraded of Kirisun PT7200EX explosion-proof walkie talkie?

The Kirisun PT7200EX explosion-proof walkie talkie was originally a simulated explosion-proof walkie talkie, but before upgrading, its explosion-proof certification was Ex ib IIB T3 Gb.

After the upgrade, the PT7200EX is a digital explosion-proof intercom with upgraded performance and explosion-proof certification of Ex ib IIB T4 Gb.

The standard battery of the original Kirisun PT7200EX is a nickel hydrogen battery; The newly upgraded PT7200EX comes standard with a lithium battery.

Although the Kirisun PT7200EX walkie talkie and nickel hydrogen lithium battery can be used, the charger is different, mainly in the charging dock. So when choosing accessories, be careful not to make the wrong choice.

The old model of the Kolixun PT7200EX walkie talkie charging dock is KBC-70Q-Ex.

The newly upgraded Kirisun PT7200EX walkie talkie charging dock model is KBC-980Q-Ex.

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