Why Bluetooth walkie talkies need add a PTT cable to connect a walkie talkie ?

Many people do not understand why it is necessary to add a PTT cable to connect a regular walkie talkie when Bluetooth walkie talkies have already achieved the function of intercom. Isn’t this unnecessary ?

Why say that ?

Most of the friends who purchase Bluetooth walkie talkies are for riding motorcycles or short distance walkie talkies, while ordinary walkie talkies are too bulky and not suitable for direct use while riding, after all, not everyone’s technology is good enough to ride with one hand.

So, at this point, it is necessary to use a Bluetooth walkie talkie that can not only achieve intercom, but also answer and make calls, listen to music, and navigate. It also has waterproof and windproof performance, and can reduce the noise caused by high-speed interference. It is fully functional and lightweight.

Yes, any feature exists to meet user needs.

Mobile enthusiasts who love group activities know that walkie talkies are very practical when cycling in teams, but currently there is no Bluetooth walkie talkie that can meet the needs of more than ten people for cycling activities. Simply using FM walkie talkies is not very convenient. Firstly, the headphones equipped with FM walkie talkies are uncomfortable to wear, and secondly, it is unsafe to leave the handlebars when speaking.

At this point, it highlights the beauty of using PTT cables to connect Bluetooth walkie talkies. We can directly adjust the FM walkie talkie and put it in our bag, and then connect it to the Bluetooth walkie talkie through a PTT cable. At this time, the Bluetooth walkie talkie is actually equivalent to a Bluetooth earphone, but it can free up our hands and make cycling safer.

Isn’t it okay to buy a Bluetooth earphone like this?

Since Bluetooth walkie talkies have basically met the needs of cycling, is adding a PTT cable effective?

No, it’s not. Ordinary Bluetooth earphones cannot be connected to walkie talkies, while some professional helmet Bluetooth earphones may not be fully functional even though they can be connected to walkie talkies. Moreover, there are not many cycling activities with more than ten people, and in daily situations, there are only two or three people riding in a team. Using Bluetooth walkie talkies is completely sufficient, and it is not necessary to equip all of them with an FM walkie talkie, which is bulky and inconvenient to carry.

Summary: Bluetooth walkie talkies are very suitable for cycling needs in all aspects.

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