Yaesu SSM-16B microphone speaker, suitable for Yaesu FT-65

Yaesu FT-65 portable dual band radio is an affordable and advantageous transceiver, but the modulation quality is not the best. To address this issue, many FT-65 buyers are waiting for the release of an external microphone speaker suitable for this transceiver.

What makes the situation even more complicated is a non-standard socket that limits the use of very few commercially available microphones. Moreover, Yaesu has provided a headphone microphone throughout, but it is not very suitable for amateur radio stations in the FT-65.

Heavy duty external microphone suitable for Yaesu FT-65

Therefore, this is the emergence of the SSM-16B microphone speaker, a classic microphone with a spiral cable that can be firmly inserted into the connector of the transceiver. I say it’s firm because it does make it difficult to accidentally disconnect.

As you can see from the picture, the radio is equipped with a connector with a safety screw. This is a detail that reveals the origin of the Yaesu FT-65 design. This is a transceiver clearly made in China, developed according to the specifications of a Japanese company, and may have borrowed some unusual solutions from other models.

The SSM-16B microphone is slightly larger than other handheld models, but due to this, it has a good grip and is equipped with a very efficient speaker.

The cross-section of the spiral cable is very important. At first, I found this feature annoying, but when using it, you will find that the combination of large cross-section cables and stable connectors means durability and reliability. In some cases, it is recommended to thread the cable through the transceiver clip to maintain its position.

Can SSM-16B really improve the transmission sound quality of Yaesu FT-65?

Absolutely so. The audio is clearer and the dynamic range is larger, almost on par with Yaesu FT-1D. I believe FT-1D is a reference for transmitting audio quality.

From the audio file below, it is clear to see the difference in modulation quality, and the spectrum analysis curve is almost identical to FT-1D.

From left to right, Yaesu FT-1D, Yaesu FT-65 without external microphone, Yaesu FT-65 with SSM-16B microphone

The reception aspect is also good news. The speaker output is powerful and faithful, unlike many other external microphones that have a metallic texture and jingling sound.

Overall, I would say that for the owner of Yaesu FT-65, the external microphone speaker SSM-16B is a very worthwhile choice to purchase.

It is priced at around 24 euros, significantly improving the modulation of the radio and increasing its flexibility. In addition, due to the combination of sturdy connectors and large cross-section cables, it is very sturdy and should be able to withstand some rough usage torture.

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