What are the main components and accessories of walkie talkies?

The main components of a general walkie talkie include the host, battery, antenna, back clip, charger, and adapter, and some are also equipped with a hand rope. Introduction to some main functions for better use of intercom communication equipment by users.

Housing Shell: Professional machines generally use high-performance plastic material PC+ABS, which has a good appearance and luster, is not easy to age or wear, and the product is sturdy and durable; Commercial aircraft often use engineering plastic ABS, which can meet the requirements in terms of appearance, strength, wear resistance, aging, and other aspects well; The buttons are made of silicone, which is wear-resistant, not prone to aging, and has a good touch; The aluminum shell is made of lightweight material aluminum alloy ADC12, which is easy to form and undergo subsequent processing.

The main accessories and composition of the walkie talkie host include a cover, PTT button, earphone and power plug, PCB component, LCD part, volume/switch button, coding knob, indicator light, MIC, etc. The PTT button acts as a transmission switch, usually on the side. The indicator light indicates the working status, usually at the top. At the top of the walkie talkie, there are also volume/switch buttons and encoding knobs (to select channels). The LCD section visually displays the working status of the walkie talkie. The PCB component is the core part of the walkie talkie, and important components are all on the PCB. Non professionals are not allowed to disassemble it. Most walkie talkies also have specialized shielding covers, aluminum shells (fixed PCBs), etc. due to their technical performance and drop resistance requirements. Professional machines also require waterproofing and have a more complex structure.

Battery: The battery is divided into Ni Cd, Ni MH, and Li ion batteries, with capacities ranging from 600mAh, 800mAh, 1100mAh, 1500mAh, and 2200mAh. Lithium batteries are relatively expensive and have entered the main application stage. Ni Cd and Ni MH batteries are commonly used, and Ni MH batteries are generally recommended for high capacity batteries. The battery surface and bottom shell are firmly and reliably welded by ultrasonic welding.

Belt Clip: The function is to fix the walkie talkie on the belt, and for the convenience of customers, the belt clamp can be disassembled.

Antenna: divided into two parts: antenna jacket and antenna core. The antenna jacket is made of high-performance TPU material, which has excellent bending resistance and aging resistance; The antenna core is generally connected to the host using a threaded structure, making it easy to disassemble.

Charger: Shared with the Taurus to charge the battery or the entire machine. The structure generally includes DC sockets, charging shrapnel, indicator lights, buttons, etc. The DC socket is connected to the fire cow, the spring piece is connected to the battery pole piece, the indicator light indicates the charging status, and the button is used for discharging. Seat charging can generally charge the battery and the entire machine.

In addition, there are also accessories such as leather cases and headphones for customers to choose from.

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